Date: 31.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Golden Whale Partners with Finnplay to Enhance Online Gaming with Advanced AI Solutions

Golden Whale, a leading innovator in data-driven services for the online gaming sector, has announced a strategic partnership with Entain-owned platform provider Finnplay. This collaboration aims to integrate Golden Whale’s cutting-edge machine learning infrastructure, including its technology layer Foundation and the self-optimisation programme LOOPS, into Finnplay’s platform. This integration is set to revolutionize the way Finnplay-powered brands optimize player retention and engagement.

Golden Whale Partners with Finnplay to Enhance Online Gaming with Advanced AI Solutions

Transformative AI and Machine Learning Integration

Finnplay, renowned for its award-winning services and diverse portfolio in the Nordics, including engagement tools and regulatory compliance, will now enhance its offerings with Golden Whale’s pioneering AI and machine learning technologies. This addition promises to provide Finnplay’s clients with significant advantages in strengthening their market presence.

Eberhard Dürrschmid, CEO of Golden Whale, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to scale their technologies and deliver impactful results to a broader customer base. “By integrating our predictive optimisation tools and next-gen infrastructure across all Finnplay-powered brands, we can help customers gain genuine insights into their data and deliver real-time results that will be of great benefit to their retention and engagement figures,” Dürrschmid stated, highlighting the collaboration’s strategic importance.

Empowering Brands with Data Science

Jaako Soininen, Managing Director at Finnplay, underscored the partnership’s alignment with Finnplay’s commitment to enhancing its offerings with innovative solutions. “By partnering with Golden Whale, we believe we’ve found the perfect way to give Finnplay-powered brands an edge on the competition,” Soininen remarked, emphasizing the value of integrating Golden Whale’s advanced data science and machine learning technologies for optimizing customer engagement.

Conclusion: A Milestone for the Online Gaming Industry

The partnership between Golden Whale and Finnplay marks a significant milestone in the online gaming industry, setting a new standard for leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance player experiences. By combining Golden Whale’s sophisticated data-driven solutions with Finnplay’s robust platform, this collaboration is poised to offer unprecedented insights and optimisation capabilities to online gaming operators, ultimately benefiting the end-users with more engaging and personalized gaming experiences.