by Mateusz Mazur

Golden Whale Productions Unveils Game-Changing Data Analytics for Game Studios

Golden Whale Productions, renowned for pioneering the first real-time machine-learning platform in the gaming industry, is now extending its groundbreaking technology to leading RGS and game suppliers.

Through an exclusive early access program, game studios are empowered to harness the power of data and machine learning (ML) to enhance efficiencies and drive growth.

Empowering Studios with Data-Driven Insights

The early access program revolves around Golden Whale’s innovative Data Analytics Portal, previously accessible only to RGS operators. Now, game studios can leverage this tool to adopt a more data-driven approach in game development and optimization. The Portal offers comprehensive views, aggregations, and insights, enabling developers to refine their titles with precision.

Golden Whale’s platform is set to revolutionize how game studios understand and optimize their titles. Offering in-depth performance transparency, detailed retention analytics, bonus optimization, and insights into trends and outliers, the platform lays the groundwork for advanced ML models and unprecedented product enhancements.

Unlocking the Portal’s Potential

Golden Whale is offering free early access to this transformative tool starting Q2. Interested studios can simply visit the dedicated website and sign up within seconds. Participants in the free trial will also gain access to Golden Whale’s Feature Proposal System, encouraging a collaborative evolution of the platform based on user feedback.

With several studios already enrolled in the Foundation Free Trial, Golden Whale urges interested parties to register promptly due to limited availability. This initiative represents a unique opportunity for game studios to explore the vast capabilities of data and ML in elevating their gaming content.

A Vision for the Future of Gaming

Eberhard Dürrschmid, CEO at Golden Whale Productions, said: “For many years, we have believed and said that real-time data processing and machine learning will be the key to gaming companies staying in the game – but really this applies to many companies in the sector.

“Having developed out “Foundation” platform to help our operator partners achieve massive uplifts in growth and monetisation, we are now helping studios to unlock the power of data and machine learning to gain never-seen-before insights into how their games are performing.

“Not only that, they will receive recommendations for how to improve games and future releases so that they not only meet but exceed player expectations. This is a significant advantage to have, and one that is only possible through data and machine learning.

“We are excited to be offering studios free access to Foundation now, allowing them to explore its capabilities and see for themselves how data and machine learning can help them take their games to a whole other level.”

Our Comment on the Article

Golden Whale Productions’ initiative to open its Data Analytics Portal to game studios marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the gaming industry. By democratizing access to advanced data analytics and ML, Golden Whale is not only enhancing the game development process but also fostering a more intuitive and responsive gaming ecosystem.

This forward-thinking approach promises to set new standards in game design and user experience, ensuring that the future of gaming is driven by informed, data-driven decisions.

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