Date: 16.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Google Expands RMG App Availability on Play Store

Google is set to revolutionize the real-money gaming (RMG) app market with its expanded support on the Play Store, offering new opportunities for developers globally while emphasizing user safety and introducing a new service fee model.

Since 2021, Google has been broadening the scope of RMG apps on its Play Store, initially focusing on markets with established licensing frameworks. This expansion has led to the flourishing of new RMG experiences for mobile users.

Pilot Schemes and Global Expansion

Following the successful introduction of RMG apps in regulated markets like the US, Google initiated pilot schemes in 2022. These pilots explored unregulated markets, allowing apps like real-money rummy in India and daily fantasy sports in Mexico. Encouraged by positive feedback, Google plans to support more RMG apps from June, extending its reach to India, Mexico, Brazil, and potentially more countries.

Google’s new approach is anticipated to offer novel business opportunities for developers while prioritizing user safety. The continuation of RMG pilots in India and Mexico allows existing apps to operate seamlessly, setting the stage for a broader range of RMG apps under the new policy, effective from 30 June.

Compliance with Local Laws and Google’s Policies

The expansion will enable more RMG apps in various jurisdictions, provided they adhere to local laws and Google’s stringent RMG app policies. These policies mandate critical consumer protection measures, including age-gating and geo-gating.

Google is also revising its service fee model for RMG apps. This change aims to reflect the value provided by Google Play and support the sustainability of the Android and Play ecosystems. While details are forthcoming, this suggests an impending fee increase for RMG app developers.

Google’s expanded support for RMG apps marks a new chapter in the digital gaming industry, promising fresh opportunities for developers and enhanced experiences for users, all within a framework of safety and compliance.

Commentary: Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

Google’s latest expansion into the RMG app market exemplifies a careful balance between fostering innovation and ensuring user safety. By opening new markets and revising service fees, Google not only catalyzes growth in the RMG sector but also reinforces the importance of ethical gaming practices. This move could redefine the RMG landscape, making it more dynamic and user-centric while maintaining stringent standards for consumer protection.