by Antoni Majewski

Hacksaw Gaming Returns to Dutch Market through Strategic Partnership with JOI Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming, a prominent player in the iGaming industry, is making a significant reentry into the Netherlands through a strategic collaboration with JOI Gaming, the online arm of the renowned JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group.

Strengthening Presence in the Dutch Market

Teaming up with JOI Gaming, associated with the esteemed JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group overseeing 86 land-based casinos in the Netherlands, marks a strategic move for Hacksaw Gaming.

With 65 years of establishment, JVH commands a steady 30% market share, aligning seamlessly with Hacksaw’s efforts to bolster its foothold in the flourishing Dutch iGaming landscape.

Strategic Partnership and Regional Expertise

Hacksaw Gaming’s integration with JOI Gaming emphasizes the importance of sound regional proficiency and a shared vision in expanding within the European iGaming market.

The collaboration with the award-winning brand JACKS.NL further underscores the broad-based offerings within Hacksaw’s game catalogue.

Hacksaw Gaming has seamlessly integrated a diverse selection of its engaging slot titles into JACKS.NL. The lineup includes Hacksaw classics alongside recent releases such as Beam Boys, Feel the Beat, and Fist of Destruction. The partnership aims to offer Dutch players an enriched gaming experience.

CEO’s Perspective

Marcus Cordes, CEO of Hacksaw Gaming, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “To be partnering with JOI Gaming means we are able to unearth a new and enhanced gaming experience for the Netherlands – it will be a hit!”

Sjoerd Kranz, Head of Gaming and Retention at JOI Gaming, shared the excitement about expanding their portfolio with Hacksaw Gaming’s innovative titles. He stated, “We are looking forward to building on the strong relationship and giving our players an opportunity to play this great content.”


The collaboration between Hacksaw Gaming and JOI Gaming signifies a strategic move to capture the Dutch market’s vibrant iGaming landscape.

With a blend of innovative games and shared expertise, this partnership aims to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to Dutch players through the acclaimed platform JACKS.NL.

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