by Antoni Majewski

Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos: A Major Economic Contributor in North Carolina for FY 2023

Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos have made a significant economic contribution to North Carolina’s development in the fiscal year 2023. Their influence extends across various sectors, including revenue generation, employment, and boosting local tourism and economic activities.

Key Economic Figures from Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos

  • Social Contributions: A total of $206,967,215 was contributed to the local community, setting a high benchmark in social contributions per revenue dollar within North Carolina.
  • Wages and Compensations: The casinos paid out $129,334,808 in wages and compensations, excluding benefits, offering salaries above the state’s minimum wage for hourly positions. Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos also provides employees with tuition/certification reimbursement and career growth opportunities.
  • Payments to Goods/Services Suppliers: Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos spent $177,100,000 on goods and services, emphasizing the use of local suppliers to boost the local economies.
  • Tourism Boost with Over 4.2 Million Visitors: The casinos attracted over 4.2 million visitors, benefiting local hotels, restaurants, and shops and cementing their status as a significant tourism hub.
  • Charitable Donations: Over $1 million was donated to local non-profit organizations, including WNC Communities, MANNA, Cherokee Indian Hospital Foundation, and NC Senior Games. These donations were made possible through the support of events and contributions from casino guests and employees.

Our Comment on the Article

The economic impact of Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos in North Carolina for FY 2023 highlights the significant role of the gaming industry in state and local economies. Beyond the substantial financial contributions, the casinos’ focus on community involvement, support for local businesses, and the creation of job opportunities demonstrate a comprehensive approach to corporate responsibility.

This contribution is especially notable in the context of the broader impact of casinos on tourism and local development.

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