by Mateusz Mazur

Hipther Agency Launches ‘Gaming Pulse’, a New Online Magazine on LinkedIn

Hipther Agency, renowned for organizing events and providing services in gaming and technology sectors, has taken a significant step forward by launching ‘Gaming Pulse’, a new monthly online magazine hosted on LinkedIn.


Gaming Pulse: A Digital Hub for Gaming Industry News

‘Gaming Pulse’ is positioned as an essential resource for industry professionals, covering both Europe and the Americas. This initiative builds on Hipther’s already successful media presence in the global gaming industry.

It aims to deliver the latest industry news, trends, influential interviews, and insights directly to readers’ devices, drawn from Hipther’s well-regarded publications, European Gaming Media and Gaming Americas.

Format and Content Highlights

The magazine is designed as a sleek, user-friendly flipbook, offering a premium reading experience that combines timely and credible information with engaging content.

Gaming Pulse, along with the European Gaming MidWeek NewsWire, is set to become a monthly reading habit for those interested in the dynamic world of gaming.

The European Gaming MidWeek NewsWire, a popular newsletter from Hipther’s European Gaming Media, now makes its entrance on LinkedIn.

With thousands of subscribers, the newsletter will now reach a broader audience on LinkedIn, offering top gaming news, interviews, strategic partnerships, and industry updates in an accessible and interactive format.

Hipther’s Commitment to Quality Content

Hipther Agency’s curated publications focus on delivering quality content and maximising online exposure for the gaming industry. This strategic expansion into digital media reflects Hipther’s commitment to shaping the gaming media landscape and providing value to the industry.

Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther, expressed excitement about this digital leap: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Gaming Pulse in digital format. Embracing digitalisation isn’t just a nod to technological advancement; it’s a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our love for the industry doesn’t cost the earth.

The digital magazine allows us to deliver the most current insights and updates with the agility and interactivity that our readers deserve. Furthermore, we’re excited to transform our weekly newsletter, taking it from email to LinkedIn. This move isn’t just about changing platforms, it’s about fostering a more engaged and interactive community. By being where our readers are, we aim to create a vibrant space for dialogue, networking, and shared passion for the iGaming industry.”

Our Comment on the Article

Hipther Agency’s launch of ‘Gaming Pulse’ represents a strategic and innovative approach to digital media in the gaming industry. By leveraging LinkedIn’s dynamic platform, Hipther not only adapts to the evolving digital landscape but also enhances accessibility and engagement for its audience.

This move towards a digital format, emphasizing sustainability and interactivity, reflects an understanding of current trends and the needs of industry professionals. ‘Gaming Pulse’ and the European Gaming MidWeek NewsWire’s presence on LinkedIn are set to become vital resources for those seeking the latest and most comprehensive insights in the gaming world, fostering a connected and informed iGaming community.

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