Date: 17.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

How to attract the target audience to your online casino: types of affiliates which you need to know

Online casinos and sportsbooks require large amounts of consistent traffic to build a loyal base of players. That’s where affiliate marketing comes in. Slotegrator shares what types of affiliates help iGaming brands to attract loyal players consistently.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an essential part of an online casino’s marketing strategy, offering a profitable scheme for both the platforms and their partners.

The core of the affiliate program is that it allows affiliates to earn commissions by promoting gambling providers. Affiliates are responsible for attracting potential players to the providers’ websites using various marketing strategies, such as advertising on social networks or blogs.

Moreover, affiliate marketing offers transparency and measurability, allowing casinos to track performance metrics closely.

What are the most popular types of online gambling affiliates? Let’s run down the list:

Streamers — Some players stream videos of themselves playing popular games, such as slots. Players who follow streamers on YouTube or Twitch develop a relationship with them through the gaming sessions they broadcast. Sometimes streamers become bloggers – the next type of online gambling affiliates.

Bloggers — Many affiliates are bloggers who write about online gambling. They cover topics such as which casinos offer the best bonuses, new game releases, and other related subjects. Additionally, they provide reviews of casinos, assessing their overall quality and trustworthiness.

Casino portals and review sites — Online casino portals serve as gateways to the world of online gambling and are often preferred as affiliate partners. Gamblers rely on these portals to access the latest news, reviews, and information about various types of bonuses. Additionally, these portals may offer forums for addressing concerns and can act as intermediaries in resolving conflicts between players and casinos. The versatility of casino portals is highly valued by players, making them valuable as affiliate partners.

Influencers – Online casino enthusiasts often have diverse interests, not limited to gambling-specific content, so collaborating with influencers from various domains can be an effective strategy to reach new potential players. Influencers from different backgrounds such as musicians, professional athletes, car enthusiasts, and other individuals with followers that overlap with the iGaming audience can become valuable affiliate partners when managed effectively.

However, be careful partnering with multiple affiliates who target the same audience. If their target demographics overlap, it can result in competition for traffic, which may impede your efforts rather than enhance them.

If content creators can’t find partnerships on their own, they join an affiliate network.

Advantage of Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network serves as a platform connecting affiliate marketers with businesses or advertisers. It acts as a central hub where affiliates can discover a variety of affiliate programs, access marketing materials, monitor their performance, and receive consolidated payments.

Within these affiliate networks, members are given access to a catalog of products, enabling them to choose which ones they want to showcase on their websites. In the online gambling sector, affiliate members should carefully choose products that align most closely with their target audience.

Additionally, sometimes a casino or game developer will launch their own exclusive network of affiliates. However, this is typically only feasible for large, well-established brands.

If you are interested in learning 7 ways that online gambling platforms compensate their affiliate partners and 9 steps of finding an effective affiliate partnership, you should read the article from Slotegrator Academy here. It’s a detailed guide to affiliate marketing for online casinos, so don’t miss out the chance to learn more practical secrets from the experts.

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