Date: 12.06.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

How to build a team for your iGaming brand

What does the dream team for a gambling company look like? There are many points of view. Slotegrator, one of the iGaming industry’s leading software and business solution providers for online casino and sportsbook operators, shares its quick guide for not only how to build a team but how to make it a respected brand.

Online casinos don’t run themselves. You need whole teams of people with clear responsibilities and an organizational hierarchy. But where do you start? First, you need an idea of which departments you need and which categories of workers will be in those departments.

The main structure should be like this:

  • C-level management (this is top management, which is responsible for the development of the whole company and makes decisions in the owners’ interests).
  • Mid-level management (managers and team leads who organize their subordinates’ workflow around achieving company goals. They take responsibility for their teams, assign tasks, and provide oversight).
  • Team members (these professionals execute routine tasks, constantly maintaining high standards of quality).

And what departments should be in your company?

  • Legal department (a legal team is necessary to handle different partnerships and collaborations, as well as taking care of licensing and certification, dealing with expansion into other countries, solving disputes, and protecting your platform’s good name).
  • Accounting and finance (professional accountants and financial specialists who track the company’s expenses and revenue. They also assess external deals and analyze the financial development of the online casino project).
  • Account managers (they communicate with gaming content developers — or aggregators, if a casino decides to make its life easier and get all its games from a single provider).
  • Technical support (these experts ensure the website functions without any interruption, 24/7. Technical support should always be available for troubleshooting (this team is responsible for all technical processes and equipment, including any software errors or any other mistakes at any stage of the player’s journey on your online casino platform).
  • Player support & compliance (they organize a channel of direct contact and communication, which is one of the most important departments in an online casino business).
  • Marketing (which comes up with ideas on how to improve player conversion and retention rates, which have a direct impact on a casino’s profitability).
  • Business development (these should be trained specialists with professional attitude. The main goal of them is to develop the company, reach new audiences, develop new collaborations, and expand the scale).

Corporate culcutre

In order to bring all these people together, you must think about a corporate culture based on values that your team members will share. Corporate culture allows employees to identify with their employer. Employees who feel appreciated and work in a welcoming environment have higher levels of motivation and productivity, and are more likely to stay with the company.

“Corporate culture starts with a clear vision of the company’s present positioning and future plans, which come from shareholders or top management, and are then implemented by the HR team as a brand — the HR brand is as important as the business brand, since this is what new candidates research in the first place when considering the company”, says Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director at Slotegrator.