by Mateusz Mazur

HungryBear Gaming Launches Exclusive Branded Slot Masters with Novibet in Greece

HungryBear Gaming, a renowned game design and development studio with bases in the UK and Canada, has unveiled an exclusive branded version of its innovative free-to-play Slots Masters multiplayer product in collaboration with Novibet, targeting the Greek market.

HungryBear goes live in Greece

The collaboration between HungryBear and Novibet has resulted in a bespoke version of the widely acclaimed Slot Masters experience. Since its debut in late July, the game has rapidly ascended to become HungryBear’s most successful release to date, captivating an astounding 38,000 players on its very first day.

As part of this exciting partnership, HungryBear is set to launch the tailor-made version of Slot Masters across multiple markets, extending the unique gaming experience to Novibet’s player base in Brazil as well.

Slot Masters presents a groundbreaking concept as a three-way head-to-head slot game, introducing a dynamic twist where players can influence the outcome of their opponents’ scores by strategically deploying a variety of attack and defensive weapons.

World of Slot Masters

The competitive tournament style of Slot Masters has proven to be an effective player acquisition tool for operators globally, thanks to its distinctive and user-friendly gameplay.

Heather Faulkner, Chief Commercial Officer of HungryBear, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are thrilled to have teamed up with Novibet to introduce our exclusive branded version of Slot Masters to the Greek market. Novibet’s dedication to delivering the best gaming experience aligns perfectly with our own vision, and we are confident that our game will resonate well with players in Greece.”

Fotini Matthaiou, Casino Product & CRM Director at Novibet, also shared her excitement: “We couldn’t be happier to bring the competitive world of Slot Masters to our valued players in Greece through this exciting collaboration with HungryBear. The addition of this unique and exclusive multiplayer game will further diversify our gaming portfolio and demonstrate our commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment options to our customers. The initial launch period has generated great engagement levels, and we’re hopeful this will continue over the coming months.”

The partnership between HungryBear Gaming and Novibet underscores the innovation and dynamic growth within the gaming industry, delivering players an unparalleled gaming experience that continues to capture the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide.

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