Date: 09.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

ICE 2024: Industry Unites for Responsible Gambling, Raises £41,100 for Charity

In a significant testament to the gaming industry’s dedication to responsible gambling, the Consumer Protection Zone (CPZ) at ICE 2024 in London has raised a commendable £41,100 ($51,800). This generous contribution, distributed equally between the International Centre for Responsible Gambling (ICRG) and Betblocker, underscores the industry’s commitment to mitigating the negative impacts of gambling. With this latest donation, the CPZ has amassed a total of over £225,000 ($283,600) over the past four years, marking a milestone in fostering a safer and more sustainable gaming environment.

A Unified Effort Towards Responsible Gambling

At ICE 2024, the gaming industry showcased its commitment to responsible gambling through the generous contribution of £41,100 to support two essential organizations. Representatives from leading companies came together to present cheques totaling £20,500 each to ICRG and Betblocker.

This gesture highlights the industry’s acknowledgment of the importance of promoting responsible gambling practices and addressing the challenges associated with gambling addiction.

Empowering Research and Development

The substantial donation received by ICRG and Betblocker will significantly enhance their efforts in research and development. Arthur Paikowsky, president of ICRG, expressed gratitude for the contribution, emphasizing its role in funding ongoing studies aimed at better understanding and addressing gambling addiction. Similarly, Duncan Garvie, founder of Betblocker, highlighted the importance of the donation in advancing the development of innovative features to support individuals in managing their gambling habits effectively.

ICE 2024: A Beacon of Industry Excellence

As ICE bids farewell to London with a record-breaking number of exhibitors and charitable contributions totaling over £225,000 in the last four years, the event sets a new standard for industry gatherings.

Beyond its commercial success, ICE 2024 embodies the industry’s commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices. The event’s theme of delivering more value, innovation, and connections reflects the industry’s dedication to fostering a safe and sustainable gaming environment.

Looking Ahead

As ICE prepares for its relocation to Barcelona in 2025, the legacy of responsible gambling advocacy established during its tenure in London remains a testament to the industry’s enduring commitment.

Continued support from industry leaders and stakeholders will be crucial in advancing responsible gambling initiatives and addressing the challenges associated with gambling addiction. The success of ICE 2024 highlights the industry’s potential to drive positive change and promote responsible gambling practices worldwide.

Upholding Responsible Gambling: A Collaborative Endeavor

The philanthropic efforts witnessed at ICE 2024 underscore the gaming industry’s dedication to promoting responsible gambling practices. By rallying behind organizations like ICRG and Betblocker, industry leaders are actively addressing the societal impact of gambling while fostering innovation and collaboration.

While commendable, sustained efforts and collaboration will be essential in translating these initiatives into tangible benefits for individuals affected by gambling addiction. As the industry continues to evolve, maintaining a steadfast focus on responsible gambling practices remains imperative for ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

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