by Mateusz Mazur

ICE 2024 Kicks Off with the Spectacular ‘EVOLVE’ Opening Party by Fire & Ice and SOFTSWISS

The gaming industry’s elite is set to experience an exceptional night of entertainment at ICE’s official opening party, “EVOLVE.”

Organized by Fire & Ice in collaboration with headline partner SOFTSWISS, the event is scheduled for February 6th and will be hosted at London’s Magazine, conveniently located a short gondola ride from ExCel.

A New Chapter for Fire & Ice

This year’s “EVOLVE” marks a significant departure from the traditional format of Fire & Ice. Celebrating two decades of the event, the organizers invite guests to embrace a novel entertainment philosophy. Michael Caselli, event co-organizer and Clarion Gaming Chairman, promises an experience that elevates Fire & Ice with famous faces, interactive networking, and live musical performances.

The venue will be transformed into a festival-like atmosphere, featuring sponsored bars interspersed with multiple stages. Each attendee will encounter unique experiences based on their choice of exploration within the venue.

SOFTSWISS Celebrates 15 Years with EVOLVE

Ivan Montik, Founder of SOFTSWISS, shared his excitement about the event: “As SOFTSWISS enters its 15th anniversary year, I am proud that the celebration begins with the remarkable EVOLVE party. This event is set to be an industry benchmark, surpassing last year’s Fire & Ice with a blend of innovation and creativity.”

“EVOLVE” is more than just an opening party; it is an extension of the ICE experience. It aims to provide thousands of guests with a memorable night, ensuring that ICE 2024 is remembered as an exciting and pivotal week in the gaming industry.

Our Comment on the Article

The “EVOLVE” party at ICE 2024 symbolizes the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the gaming industry. By blending innovative entertainment with networking opportunities, the event highlights the industry’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and collaborative community.

The strategic partnership with SOFTSWISS and the introduction of a new format and venue underscore the industry’s adaptability and its pursuit of delivering unforgettable experiences. As ICE continues to be a pivotal event in the gaming calendar, “EVOLVE” sets the tone for a conference that is not only about business development but also about celebrating the industry’s achievements and potential.

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