Date: 30.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Last update: 30.01.2024 11:16

iGameMedia and Pragmatic Play Forge a Dynamic Partnership

iGameMedia, a trailblazer in the sports streaming domain, has announced an exciting multi-year collaboration with Pragmatic Play, a titan in the iGaming industry. This partnership heralds the launch of an innovative, fully integrated streaming solution via iGameMedia’s ONEPlatform, aimed at revolutionizing the sportsbook market with ultra-low latency streaming.

Revolutionizing Sports Streaming and Betting

This strategic alliance introduces a seamless streaming solution, eliminating the need for multiple integrations and significantly streamlining the process for customers. iGameMedia’s ONEPlatform stands out by offering comprehensive access to all sports streaming content through a unified API, simplifying operations for sportsbook operators.

The partnership addresses a longstanding industry challenge: the complex mapping of live streaming with event data, which is crucial for sportsbook offerings. Traditionally, this required cumbersome ID mappings from various API sources, leading to errors and the inability to offer live in-play products effectively.

Introducing ONEMap: A Game-Changer in Event Mapping

iGameMedia’s ONEMap product emerges as a groundbreaking solution, employing AI and ML technologies to automate and accurately map live event data with a remarkable 99.7% first-time mapping accuracy. This system eradicates common issues such as the inconsistent naming of teams across different platforms, ensuring seamless event integration.

Pragmatic Play’s Sportsbook Innovation

Pragmatic Play, renowned for its diverse iGaming solutions, has recently expanded its portfolio with the launch of its Sportsbook product. Leveraging iGameMedia’s ONEPlatform, Pragmatic Play now offers a comprehensive managed services solution, enhancing its position as a full-service iGaming provider. This move underscores Pragmatic Play’s commitment to becoming the industry’s leading supplier across all gaming verticals.

Chris Cousin, iGameMedia’s Commercial Director, stated, “We are absolutely delighted to have partnered with Pragmatic Play in supporting their unrivalled platform innovation and offering a truly consolidated content approach for the sportsbook market.”

Reflecting on the Strategic Alliance

The partnership between iGameMedia and Pragmatic Play represents a significant leap forward in the sports betting industry, promising to enhance the user experience with high-quality, real-time streaming content. By addressing critical industry challenges and leveraging cutting-edge technology, this collaboration sets a new benchmark for innovation and efficiency in sportsbook services, promising a brighter future for operators and bettors alike.