by Maciej Akimow

iGaming Sword Awards – best of the best 2023

In a spectacular display of talent and innovation, the iGaming Sword Awards concluded with the announcement of this year’s winners. Each recipient, chosen from a competitive pool of nominees, exemplifies the pinnacle of creativity, technological advancement, and strategic prowess in the iGaming industry. Their contributions have not only set new standards of excellence but also charted new courses for the future of online gaming. The awards ceremony, a fusion of recognition and inspiration, underscored the vibrant dynamism and potential within the iGaming community. Congratulations to all the winners who have made their mark in this rapidly evolving sector!

In an exciting twist this year, the iGaming Sword Awards will unveil its winners in a unique and suspenseful format. Every 30 minutes (Starting from 10:00 Malta time), a new category winner will be announced, keeping the excitement at its peak throughout the event. This approach not only heightens the anticipation but also allows us to spotlight each winner and their remarkable achievements in the iGaming industry. Stay tuned as we reveal the best and brightest in our field, celebrating their innovation and excellence one winner at a time. Join us in this thrilling countdown and share in the joy and pride of each victorious moment!

iGaming Sword Awards – best of the best in 2023

Category: iGaming Event of the year
Winner: Next.io Malta

In a notable achievement, Next.io has been honored with the prestigious ‘iGaming Event of the Year’ award at the iGaming Sword Awards. While not the largest event in scale, Next.io stood out as one of the most impactful gatherings in the industry. It was at Next.io where key decision-makers and industry leaders converged, creating a hub of influential networking and strategic collaborations. Celebrated for its unique ability to connect the dots within the iGaming sphere, Next.io has become a pivotal platform for leaders to share knowledge and insights, benefiting the entire community. This award recognizes Next.io not just for its event execution, but for its significant contribution to shaping the future of iGaming through collaborative knowledge sharing and industry leadership.

Category: E-sport Data Supplier of the year
Winner: Odin GG

In the highly competitive and data-driven realm of eSports, Odin GG has emerged as the standout ‘E-sport Data Supplier of the Year’. This prestigious accolade is awarded to a company that has consistently demonstrated excellence in the provision, accuracy, and innovative application of data within the eSports sector. Odin GG’s contribution to the industry goes beyond mere data collection; they have redefined how data is utilized to enhance player engagement, strategic gaming insights, and overall viewer experience. Their cutting-edge technologies and commitment to delivering real-time, reliable, and comprehensive data have made them an indispensable resource for eSports teams, broadcasters, and fans alike. This award recognizes Odin GG’s instrumental role in elevating the eSports industry through their unparalleled data services and their visionary approach to data analytics in gaming.

Category: Sports Data Supplier of the year
Winner: FeedConstruct

FeedConstruct claims the prestigious title of ‘Sports Data Supplier of the Year’, marking a significant achievement within the world of sports data analytics. This accolade is a testament to FeedConstruct’s innovative approach and its immense value to the SoftConstruct family of brands. Distinguished by their expansive and forward-thinking vision, FeedConstruct excels in capturing and delivering data for niche sports, a strategy that not only sets them apart from competitors but also profoundly influences the iGaming industry. Their proactive approach in covering less mainstream sports has been instrumental in enhancing fan engagement, providing unique monetization opportunities for clubs and sport associations. FeedConstruct’s ability to offer comprehensive, rapid, and insightful sports data has established them as a leader in their field, driving forward both the iGaming sector and sports communities through their exceptional data services.

Category: Online Casino Operator of the year
Winner: ApuestaTotal

ApuestaTotal has been crowned as the ‘Online Casino Operator of the Year’, a remarkable achievement highlighting its exceptional presence in the iGaming industry. This award shines a spotlight on the vibrant and dynamic brand emerging from Peru, a bright light in the Latin American iGaming landscape. Changing a little bit their inspiring slogan, ‘you don’t need to be the biggest, but to win you have to believe,’ ApuestaTotal demonstrates that belief and commitment are key to success. Their approach to the online casino space is marked by innovative and fresh ideas, demonstrating that uniqueness and creativity are still very much alive and thriving in the industry. What sets ApuestaTotal apart is their strong, heartfelt connection to their market and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of their operations. Their strategic partnerships with suppliers, whom they regard as ‘TOP LEVEL’, is a testament to their professionalism and dedication to offering only the best to their clients. ApuestaTotal stands as a beacon for others in the iGaming world, showing that being distinct and maintaining high standards of quality and innovation can lead to great success and recognition.

Category: Association of the year
Winner: European Lottery Association

The European Lottery Association has been honored as the ‘Association of the Year’, a recognition of its influential role and impactful contribution to the broader iGaming industry. This prestigious accolade underlines the Association’s commitment to serving not just a select few but the entire gaming community. The European Lottery Association stands out as a pivotal platform for discussion and collaboration, addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities within the industry. It has been instrumental in fostering a spirit of cooperation, allowing industry stakeholders to work together on common issues, thereby enhancing the industry’s overall growth and sustainability. This award acknowledges the European Lottery Association’s vital work in uniting and guiding the industry, making it a beacon for collective progress and innovation.

Category: Most Engaged Woman of the year
Winner: Denise Coates

Denise Coates, the driving force behind Bet365, has been rightfully recognized as the ‘Most Engaged Woman of the Year’ in the iGaming industry. This award celebrates Denise’s exceptional involvement, leadership, and influence within the sector. Her dedication and strategic vision have not only propelled Bet365 to remarkable heights but have also set a benchmark for women’s participation and leadership in the iGaming world. Denise’s commitment to innovation, ethical practices, and customer engagement has made a profound impact on the industry. Her role extends beyond the operational success of Bet365; she is a trailblazer who inspires and motivates, showing that engagement and perseverance can lead to extraordinary achievements. This award is a tribute to Denise Coates’ outstanding contributions and her role as a leading figure and role model in the iGaming community.

Category: Lottery Operator of the year
Winner: Totalizator Sportowy

Totalizator Sportowy has been honored as the ‘Lottery Operator of the Year’, a recognition of their remarkable transformation and innovation in the lottery industry. Over recent years, Totalizator Sportowy has undergone a significant shift from land-based operations to an influential online presence. This transition was marked by the creation of entirely new strategies that redefined the lottery business in Poland. With the strong support of IGT, Totalizator Sportowy has revitalized the lottery sector, casting it in a new light with refreshed approaches and innovative solutions. Under the strong leadership of Olgierd Cieślik, Totalizator Sportowy has not only been a trendsetter but also a leading voice in industry discussions, shaping the future of operations in Poland. Their efforts have made them a standout operator, recognized for setting industry trends and being a luminary in the global lottery landscape.

Category: Sportsbook Operator of the year
Winner: Bet365

Bet365 has been distinguished as the ‘Sportsbook Operator of the Year’, a testament to its outstanding performance and innovation in the sports betting sector. This award recognizes Bet365’s excellence in providing a superior sports betting experience, marked by its user-friendly platform, extensive betting options, and cutting-edge technology. Known for its robust system that offers seamless, secure, and diverse betting opportunities, Bet365 has consistently set the industry standard for sportsbooks worldwide. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, market-leading odds, and continual innovation has not only earned them a loyal customer base but also this prestigious accolade. Bet365 stands out as a leader in the sportsbook arena, continuously pushing the boundaries to enhance the sports betting experience for enthusiasts globally.

Category: CEE Operator of the year
Winner: Superbet

Originating from Romania and fueled by a global vision, Superbet clinches the title of ‘CEE Operator of the Year’. This prestigious award recognizes their ambition to become one of the world’s most innovative operators in the iGaming industry. Superbet has demonstrated remarkable scaling abilities, extending their reach far beyond the European borders. In the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, they have achieved significant milestones, including becoming the second-largest online sportsbook operator in Poland, trailing only behind STS owned by Entain. Superbet’s approach is characterized by fresh, innovative ideas and a determination to create impactful, worldwide projects. Their contributions go beyond traditional boundaries, as they continuously strive to redefine and transform the rules of the iGaming world. This award is a testament to Superbet’s dynamic growth, strategic vision, and their influential role in shaping the future of iGaming globally.

Category: Socially Responsible Company of the year
Winner: Playtech

Playtech has earned the distinguished title of ‘Socially Responsible Company of the Year’, an accolade that reflects their deep-rooted commitment to responsibility as a core part of their business DNA. This award recognizes Playtech’s visionary approach in leading the industry not just in business practices, but in social responsibility as well. Their proactive stance in foreseeing industry trends has allowed them to introduce groundbreaking and socially conscious products ahead of the curve, setting a new standard for the rest of the industry. Playtech’s strategy brilliantly merges social responsibility with business acumen, demonstrating that it’s possible to maintain a focus on positive business results while being a force for good. Their success in this area shows a clear path for how companies can balance ethical practices with commercial success, and their leadership in this field is a guiding light for the entire iGaming industry.

Category: Live Casino Supplier of the year
Winner: Evolution

Evolution stands tall as the ‘Live Casino Supplier of the Year’, a title that cements their status as the absolute leader in live casino solutions. This prestigious award is a recognition of Evolution’s significant impact not only on product innovation but also on shaping the competitive landscape of the live casino market. Their approach goes beyond mere product development; Evolution has been instrumental in “motivating” their competitors to elevate their game, thereby enhancing the overall quality and experience of live casino offerings industry-wide. Their influence extends to the wider market, setting trends and providing insights on how businesses can improve and thrive in the live casino sector. Evolution’s leadership and innovation in this field have not only set a new benchmark for live casino experiences but also transformed the way the industry operates, driving growth and excellence across the board.

Category: Slots Supplier of the year
Winner: Ruby Play

Ruby Play has been triumphantly named the ‘Slots Supplier of the Year’, distinguishing itself as one of the fastest-growing providers in the industry. This award recognizes Ruby Play’s exceptional focus on product development, business development, sales, and account management, going above and beyond the industry standard. They have been instrumental in supporting the business of operators by providing real value, setting themselves apart from the multitude of similar offerings in the market. Ruby Play’s numerous direct integrations demonstrate their philosophy that ‘impossible is nothing’, showcasing their ability to succeed in today’s competitive environment by thinking differently and innovatively. Their approach underlines the importance of unconventional thinking and creativity in achieving success and making a significant impact in the slots supply sector.

Category: Casino Supplier of the year
Winner: Pascal Gaming

Pascal Gaming has been celebrated as the ‘Casino Supplier of the Year’, an accolade that speaks to their fresh and unique perspective in the casino supply industry. This award highlights their innovative approach to product development, setting them apart in a highly competitive market. Pascal Gaming’s ability to create distinct and appealing casino products has not only captured the attention of the industry but also redefined what operators and players can expect from a top-tier casino supplier. Their innovative solutions, which combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, demonstrate a deep understanding of market needs and trends. Pascal Gaming’s commitment to reinventing the traditional casino experience has established them as a key player in the field, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and excellence.

Category: Virtual Games Supplier of the year
Winner: Golden Race

Golden Race has earned the prestigious title of ‘Virtual Games Supplier of the Year’, marking a significant achievement in the realm of virtual gaming. This accolade is a testament to their excellence in creating and supplying engaging and innovative virtual games. Golden Race has distinguished itself through its cutting-edge technology, immersive gaming experiences, and a diverse portfolio that appeals to a broad range of players. Their products are known for their high-quality graphics, realistic simulations, and reliable performance, making them a favorite among operators and players alike. Golden Race’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual gaming has not only set new standards in the industry but also shaped the future of virtual sports and games, enhancing the entertainment value and engagement for users worldwide.

Category: Platform Supplier of the year
Winner: Delasport

Delasport has been rightfully honored as the ‘Platform Supplier of the Year’, a distinction earned in what was one of the most competitive categories this year. Every contender represented a high level of expertise, making this achievement particularly notable. In today’s technology-driven iGaming landscape, having the best platform is more than half the battle for success. Delasport stands out with its advanced technological solutions that bring immense value to their partnerships. Their platform is not only robust and reliable but also innovative, offering operators the tools they need to excel in a dynamic market. Delasport’s contribution to the industry goes beyond mere functionality; they provide a foundation for successful operations, showcasing a deep understanding of what it takes to thrive in the modern iGaming environment.

Category: Turnkey Supplier of the year
Winner: Soft2Bet

Soft2Bet has been distinguished as the ‘Turnkey Supplier of the Year’, a recognition of their excellence in providing comprehensive and innovative turnkey solutions in the iGaming industry. Their success lies not only in understanding client expectations but also in their willingness to serve as a guide through the complex landscape of iGaming technology. Soft2Bet stands out for their ability to think outside the box, a quality that is increasingly vital in the rapidly evolving world of iGaming. Their solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients, combining user-friendly interfaces with advanced functionalities. Soft2Bet’s approach goes beyond traditional service; they are forward-thinking, always keeping ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas at the forefront. This commitment to innovation and understanding of the new dynamics of the iGaming world have solidified their position as a top-tier turnkey supplier in the industry.

Category: Marketing Campaign of the year
Winner: BetMGM

BetMGM has triumphed in the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ category, marking a standout achievement with their entry into the UK market. This award celebrates the exceptional impact and creativity of their marketing strategy, which not only captivated audiences but also set new standards in the industry. Their campaign was akin to a spectacular show, exceeding expectations with its magnitude and brilliance. Beyond the initial “fireworks” of their launch, BetMGM’s campaign demonstrated substantial business results, proving the effectiveness of their approach. This success story has ignited a fire in the industry, showcasing how innovative and well-executed marketing strategies can lead to significant market impact and business growth. BetMGM’s campaign serves as a benchmark for what can be achieved with bold and creative marketing in the competitive world of iGaming.

Category: Affiliate Program of the year
Winner: LeoVegas

LeoVegas has been honored with the title of ‘Affiliate Program of the Year’, a testament to their exceptional standards and practices in affiliate marketing. This award recognizes the excellence of the LeoVegas affiliate program, which stands out for its effective communication, strong partnerships, and data-driven strategies. Their program is led by top managers who possess a deep understanding of the iGaming industry and emerging trends. These leaders know precisely how to engage with partners, leveraging data and concrete facts, which are crucial elements in today’s affiliate marketing landscape. LeoVegas has set a high benchmark in the industry, showcasing how a well-structured and strategically informed affiliate program can lead to mutual growth and success for both the company and its affiliates.

Category: Company of the year
Winner: Soft2Bet

Soft2Bet has been rightfully acclaimed as the ‘Company of the Year’, a prestigious title that underscores their status as one of the fastest-growing, innovative tech companies in the iGaming industry. This award is a recognition of their relentless pursuit of excellence and their ability to set new benchmarks in the market. Under the strong leadership of their CEO and dedicated team, Soft2Bet has pioneered the integration of gamification into their products, tapping into one of the hottest and most relevant trends in the industry. Their approach to gamification is not just a passing trend but a forward-thinking strategy that promises to remain significant in the years to come. The rapid growth of Soft2Bet, coupled with their unwavering commitment to professionalism in every operational facet, reflects their exceptional strategy and execution. Soft2Bet’s success is characterized by a blend of innovation, strategic foresight, and operational excellence, making them a deserving winner of the ‘Company of the Year’ title.

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