by Antoni Majewski

IGT Announces Leadership Transition: Tim Rishton’s Retirement and David Morgan’s Appointment

Tim Rishton, the current Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer at IGT, is set to retire at the end of 2024. His retirement marks the culmination of an impressive 29-year tenure with the Company, during which he has been a key figure in driving significant milestones and transformations.

Rishton’s career is particularly noted for his pivotal role in the delisting of the GTECH organization from the Borsa Italiana and its subsequent relisting on the New York Stock Exchange as IGT in 2015. This strategic move was a defining moment in the company’s history, underlining Rishton’s profound impact on its evolution.

A significant transition in the leadership team

Max Chiara, IGT’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, praised Rishton’s contributions, highlighting his leadership, strategic vision, industry knowledge, and integrity. Chiara emphasized that Rishton’s influence on IGT would be enduring.

In a seamless transition of leadership, David Morgan, who has been with IGT since 2017, will succeed Rishton. Morgan, currently serving as IGT’s Vice President and Corporate Controller, is slated to assume his new role on January 1, 2024. His responsibilities have included overseeing financial statement preparation and maintaining robust accounting records, adhering to relevant standards.

Chiara commended Morgan for his commitment to process improvement and his strong expertise in technical accounting. His appointment is seen as a continuation of the legacy of professionalism and excellence that has been a hallmark of IGT’s leadership.

Our Comment on the Article

The announcement of Tim Rishton’s retirement and the appointment of David Morgan as his successor at IGT marks a significant chapter in the company’s history. It’s a testament to the company’s robust succession planning and its commitment to maintaining continuity in its leadership. Rishton’s departure signifies the end of an era, but his legacy of strategic and disciplined leadership sets a high bar for his successor.

Morgan, with his proven track record and dedication to excellence, seems well poised to carry forward this legacy. This transition is not just a change in personnel but a reflection of IGT’s adaptability and its readiness for future challenges and opportunities in the dynamic gaming industry.

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