by Mateusz Mazur

IGT extends partnership with Loterie Nationale Belgium

International Game Technology (IGT) announced that its subsidiary, IGT Global Services Ltd., has entered into a transition agreement with Loterie Nationale Belgium (LNB) to extend their partnership for up to four years.

Under this agreement, IGT will continue providing LNB with state-of-the-art lottery and iLottery central systems technology, along with related lottery products.

Emerging trends and embracing innovative solutions

LNB, recognizing the value of IGT’s advanced technology and industry expertise, has chosen to renew their collaboration to further modernize its business and foster growth. Jannie Haek, CEO of LNB, expressed confidence in the extended partnership, stating, “This extension ensures that our lottery players will continue receiving the same high-quality experiences they enjoy at the retail point of sale and while playing compelling eInstant games online.”

Having worked together for three decades, IGT and LNB have remained at the forefront of the lottery industry, adapting to emerging trends and embracing innovative solutions. Jay Gendron, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Global Lottery, emphasized the collaborative efforts, saying, “Over the course of our longtime partnership, IGT has worked closely with LNB to successfully stay ahead of ever-evolving lottery trends and innovations.”

Promotion of responsible gaming

IGT’s flexible core lottery and iLottery systems will securely support LNB’s retail, digital, and omnichannel sales, delivering a seamless and engaging experience for players. The partnership will also incorporate various components aimed at promoting responsible gaming and offering exciting gameplay options.

The agreement between IGT and LNB reinforces their commitment to enhancing the lottery landscape, providing cutting-edge technology, and delivering exceptional player experiences. By leveraging IGT’s expertise as the global leader in the lottery industry, Loterie Nationale Belgium can confidently drive their business forward and continue delighting lottery enthusiasts across the nation.

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