Date: 11.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Incode Partners with MaxBet to Revolutionize Identity Verification in Eastern Europe’s Gambling Sector

Incode Partners with MaxBet to Revolutionize Identity Verification in Eastern Europe's Gambling Sector iGamingExpress

Incode, the global leader in next-generation identity solutions, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with MaxBet, a premier gambling operator with a strong presence in Eastern Europe.

This strategic collaboration integrates Incode’s AI-powered onboarding technology into MaxBet’s multi-platform offerings, setting new industry standards for identity verification.

Seamless Identity Verification

Incode’s state-of-the-art AI-powered Passive Liveness Detection technology offers a frictionless user experience by swiftly verifying in mere seconds that a real person is interacting with the platform, all without requiring any additional actions or movements from the user. This innovation eliminates identity fraud and age verification concerns, boosting customer satisfaction.

The system swiftly and accurately verifies over 4,600 different types of documents, a feat achieved in just a few more seconds. This extensive coverage and speed enhance security around age verification, Know Your Customer (KYC), and fraud prevention, contributing to user base growth and operational efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Machine Learning

Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning, the system can identify even subtle indicators of document forgery, surpassing the capabilities of human scrutiny.

MaxBet becomes the first gambling operator in Eastern Europe to leverage Incode’s onboarding solutions, streamlining the often laborious manual review process for IDs. This optimizes operational efficiency and resource allocation.

Ricardo Amper, CEO and Founder of Incode Technologies, stated, “Incode’s biometric, Integrated Identity platform allows MaxBet to manage user identity journeys from onboarding and verification to orchestration and analytics all within a single platform.”

Ninoslav Lazarević, Online Director at MaxBet, emphasized how this transformative technology raises the bar for identity verification processes, stating “The integration of Incode’s transformative technology significantly raises the bar for identity verification processes within the gambling industry, not just in Serbia but throughout the Balkans.”

The partnership between Incode and MaxBet sets a new standard for identity verification in Eastern Europe’s gaming sector. By combining Incode’s unparalleled identity verification technology with MaxBet’s extensive market reach, this collaboration is poised to make a significant impact on the industry, enhancing security, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.