Date: 18.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 18.09.2023 12:47

Incode Technologies Partners with Aristotle Integrity to Enhance Identity Verification for iGaming and Sportsbook Sector

Incode Technologies Inc., a leading provider of identity verification and authentication solutions for global enterprises, has entered into a strategic partnership with Aristotle Integrity, a prominent player in identity, KYC (Know Your Customer), and anti-fraud services.


Incode Technologies Partners with Aristotle Integrity to Enhance Identity Verification for iGaming and Sportsbook Sector iGamingExpress

Offering Incode-Powered Integrity AutoDoc Solution

Under this partnership, Aristotle Integrity will offer its customers in the iGaming and Sportsbook sector access to the Incode-powered Integrity AutoDoc solution. Aristotle Integrity holds licenses in 22 different US states and territories and manages a significant portion of transactions within the gambling sector, providing onboarding services to major operators.

This collaboration involves the integration of Incode’s identity and biometric verification technologies into Aristotle’s suite of identity and age verification solutions. Customers and prospects can leverage Aristotle’s Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) service, Integrity IDV, and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) capabilities alongside Incode’s industry-leading document and biometric verification technologies. The integration enhances speed and user-friendliness.

Added Features and Fraud Detection

The integration introduces Incode’s Passive Liveness Detection to the platform, a feature that determines whether provided credentials represent a live person or a sophisticated fake. This addition offers robust fraud detection and accuracy. Incode’s fully automated, end-to-end biometric authentication technology ensures efficient processing of sensitive biometric data right on the user’s device, ensuring quick authentication and addressing privacy concerns.

Michael Bolcerek, SVP of Business Development at Aristotle, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating
“We are excited to partner with Incode to offer our customers access to Incode’s next-generation ID verification technology for enhanced speed and ease-of-use across a variety of sectors. We’re thrilled to equip our customers with better, more robust capabilities that promote privacy and simplify the user experience.”

Ricardo Amper, CEO and Founder of Incode, noted the challenges posed by compliance expenses, data responsibility, and age verification concerns in the iGaming and gambling industry. He stated: “The challenges of compliance expenses, data responsibility, and the rise of age verification concerns underscore the difficulties legacy identity systems pose for iGaming and gambling. Now, Aristotle is powering AutoDoc with Incode’s global, end-to-end identity orchestration offerings to enable seamless attestation that protects against fraud and underaged gambling and gaming without needlessly giving away PPI.”

Expanding Strategic Integrations

Incode’s partnership with Aristotle Integrity adds to its portfolio of strategic integrations and alliances, further strengthening its position in the identity verification space. This includes recent collaborations such as the partnership with Snappt to bring industry-leading identity verification to property management.

In conclusion, the partnership between Incode Technologies and Aristotle Integrity aims to provide enhanced identity verification solutions for the iGaming and Sportsbook sector, addressing key industry challenges while ensuring user privacy and a seamless experience.