by Mateusz Mazur

Inspired and Kambi Forge Groundbreaking Virtual Sports Integration

In a strategic move that marks a significant advancement in the iGaming sector, Inspired Entertainment, Inc. has entered into a partnership with Kambi Group plc to incorporate Inspired’s renowned Virtual Sports offerings into the Kambi sportsbook platform.

This collaboration is set to redefine the sports betting landscape by combining Inspired’s leading-edge virtual sports content with Kambi’s trusted sports betting technology.

A Synergistic Partnership

Brooks Pierce, Inspired’s President and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, stating, “We are thrilled to integrate Kambi’s first-class sports betting technology with our best-in-class Virtual Sports games.” He further emphasized the mutual benefits of this alliance, highlighting how it will enhance Kambi’s sportsbook services and introduce a dynamic new revenue stream for operators within Kambi’s network.

Echoing this sentiment, Jamie Mckittrick, SVP of Commercial Operations at Kambi, remarked on the significance of this partnership, “Kambi Group is excited to join forces with Inspired to bring their award-winning Virtual Sports products to the Kambi sportsbook platform.” This collaboration not only demonstrates the versatility of the Kambi platform but also enriches its sportsbook offering with top-tier Virtual Sports technology from Inspired.

Expanding the Reach of Virtual Sports

Inspired’s Virtual Sports have gained widespread acclaim globally, captivating a diverse audience through extensive retail channels and online platforms across numerous countries. The company boasts an expansive content portfolio that caters to varying market preferences, featuring the most sought-after sports for each region.

In recent years, Inspired has notably expanded its Virtual Sports presence in North America, introducing popular sports such as basketball, football, women’s soccer, and baseball. This strategic move has contributed to the significant growth of Virtual Sports in the region, further solidifying Inspired’s position as a leader in this domain.

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between Inspired Entertainment and Kambi Group signifies a pivotal development in the iGaming industry, bringing together two powerhouses to enhance the virtual sports betting experience.

This partnership not only broadens the accessibility of Inspired’s acclaimed Virtual Sports but also reinforces Kambi’s sportsbook platform with cutting-edge content. As this alliance unfolds, it promises to deliver innovative gaming experiences to players and operators alike, setting a new standard for excellence in virtual sports betting.

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