by Antoni Majewski

Kambi Engage Revolutionizes Sports Betting with Innovative Partnerships and Engagement Tools

Kambi Group, a renowned leader in the sports betting industry, has unveiled ‘Kambi Engage’, an innovative ecosystem designed to elevate the sports betting experience through streamlined access to a range of bettor engagement tools and services. This new service marks a significant step in customizing and enhancing sportsbook offerings.

Innovative Ecosystem for Enhanced Bettor Engagement

Kambi Engage represents a paradigm shift in sports betting, offering Kambi partners a unique opportunity to access a curated selection of top-tier bettor engagement tools. This all-new ecosystem promises a more personalized and engaging betting experience, tapping into the potential of third-party providers.

The launch partners for Kambi Engage include Epoxy.ai, OtherLevels, and VAIX, illustrating Kambi’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology. This initiative not only enhances the differentiation capabilities of Kambi partners but also simplifies the process of integrating advanced bettor engagement solutions.

Erik Lögdberg’s Vision for a Customized Betting Experience

Erik Lögdberg, Managing Director at Kambi, emphasized the importance of customization and differentiation in the sportsbook market. “Engage was created to address the ever-increasing demand of our partners to further customize, differentiate and enhance their sportsbook,” he stated. Lögdberg’s vision is clearly reflected in the scalability and flexibility offered by Kambi Engage.

Kambi’s launch of Engage is more than just an introduction of new tools; it’s a statement of their dedication to providing unmatched flexibility and speed to market. The company is doubling down on its commitment to open up the Kambi sportsbook, ensuring that its partners have access to the most innovative and market-leading solutions.

Our Comment On The Article

Kambi Group’s introduction of ‘Kambi Engage’ marks a significant advancement in the world of sports betting. By providing partners with easy access to a range of third-party bettor engagement solutions, Kambi not only enhances the user experience but also redefines the standards of customization and innovation in the industry.

The launch of Kambi Engage reflects a growing trend in the sports betting industry towards more personalized and engaging betting experiences. By facilitating easy access to a diverse range of engagement tools, Kambi is setting a new benchmark for innovation and customer satisfaction in sports betting.

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