Date: 04.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Kansspelautoriteit Implements New Deposit Limits for Dutch Gamblers

Dutch gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has announced significant changes to the Responsible Gaming Policy Rule, introducing new deposit limits for gamblers based on age brackets.

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New Deposit Limits

Starting October 1st, the new deposit limits will be enforced, with different thresholds for various age groups:

  • Gamblers aged 18-24: Monthly deposit limit set at €300.
  • Gamblers over 24: Monthly deposit limit set at €700.

These limits are designed to curb excessive gambling behaviors, particularly among younger and potentially more vulnerable players.

Financial Checks for Exceeding Limits

Players who wish to exceed these deposit limits will need to undergo financial checks. These checks are in place to ensure that players can afford to bet the increased amounts. If a player is deemed unable to meet these financial thresholds, further deposits for the remainder of the month will be blocked. This measure underscores KSA’s commitment to responsible gaming by preventing financially risky behavior.

While the new deposit limits will take effect in October, other aspects of the Responsible Gaming Policy Rule are already in force. One such rule mandates that casino operators must intervene within one hour of detecting harmful gaming behaviors. Additionally, continuous monitoring is required, ensuring that operators keep a watchful eye on gaming activities 24 hours a day.

Impact on Casino Operators

These regulatory changes will require casino operators to enhance their monitoring systems and establish more robust intervention protocols. The requirement for round-the-clock monitoring and swift intervention necessitates significant investment in technology and training. Casino operators will need to ensure that their staff is adequately trained to recognize signs of problem gambling and respond appropriately.

The updated Responsible Gaming Policy Rule reflects a broader trend within the gaming industry towards promoting responsible gaming practices. By setting deposit limits and requiring financial checks, KSA aims to protect players from the potential adverse effects of gambling addiction.