Date: 08.04.2024

by Adam Dworak

Kansspelautoriteit Partners with Cloudflare to Combat Illegal Gambling in the Netherlands

In a significant move to clamp down on illegal gambling activities, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch gambling regulator, has forged a strategic alliance with Cloudflare, a leading cloud services provider.

This partnership is aimed at identifying and taking action against unlicensed gambling operators in the Netherlands, marking a pivotal step in the regulator’s ongoing efforts to uphold the integrity of the country’s gambling landscape.

Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Regulation

The collaboration between KSA and Cloudflare is set to enhance the regulator’s investigative capabilities, allowing it to actively seek information from Cloudflare regarding the hosts of unlicensed gambling sites.

This agreement comes on the heels of KSA’s directive to Cloudflare to cease its services for two specific unlicensed operators, a move that was later retracted after discussions revealed Cloudflare’s limitations in blocking sites directly.

A Unified Stance Against Illegal Operations

Despite the initial challenges, both parties have reached a consensus on working together to tackle illegal gambling sites. The KSA’s statement highlights the importance of intermediaries like Cloudflare in making illegal offerings more challenging by withholding their services from such operators.

Recent Enforcement Actions

The partnership announcement coincides with the KSA’s issuance of its largest ever fine to Gammix Limited, an operator fined €19.6 million for running games without a proper license. This stern action underscores the regulator’s commitment to enforcing compliance and its readiness to impose significant penalties on violators.

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between Kansspelautoriteit and Cloudflare signifies a proactive approach to regulating the online gambling sector in the Netherlands. By leveraging Cloudflare’s technical capabilities and KSA’s regulatory authority, this partnership is poised to create a more secure and fair gambling environment.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, such collaborative efforts will be crucial in maintaining the balance between innovation and regulation, ensuring that the interests of both players and licensed operators are protected.