Date: 17.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Kindred and Rangers FC Celebrate 10 Years of Partnership with a Focus on Responsible Gamblin

Kindred Group plc (Kindred) marks a significant milestone, celebrating ten years of collaboration with the Scottish football team, Rangers FC.

This year, Kindred has taken a unique approach to its front-of-shirt sponsorship, dedicating it to the “Zero % Mission” as part of its “Journey towards Zero” ambition. The initiative aims to eliminate revenue generated from harmful gambling, emphasizing Kindred’s commitment to responsible gaming practices.

Educational Initiative with EPIC

This partnership is pioneering in the Scottish Premiership, as Rangers FC collaborates with EPIC to provide independent gambling guidance to their employees. This collaboration, a first for a club in the league, builds on EPIC’s work in the English Football League and other global leagues. The program offers bespoke educational sessions, featuring insights from former footballers who have faced gambling-related challenges, including those who have played at an international level.

Kindred’s Sustainable Business Model

Sam Mead, UK General Manager at Kindred Group, stated: “Kindred wants to run a sustainable business built on people enjoying themselves safely. That’s why we have reaffirmed our commitment not only to this project with Rangers, but to our “Journey towards Zero” too. Added to that, we are investing in our technology stack to further develop our sophisticated detection software. This, allied with a greater emphasis on education and safer gambling messaging will help Kindred drive forward its industry-leading model of sponsorship that is benefitting clubs and their communities”

Rangers FC’s Emphasis on Safeguarding

Karim Virani, Chief Commercial Officer at Rangers FC, highlights the importance of safeguarding players and staff: “We realise the importance of safeguarding our players and staff and allowing them to discuss issues relating to the sector in a welcoming and understanding environment. That the sessions are led by former football players is a big advantage, going beyond discussing the rule book and adding that key element of relatability.”

EPIC’s Holistic Approach to Education

Michelle Evans, Senior Sports Partnerships Manager at EPIC Risk Management, emphasizes that education, backed by real-life experiences, is central to their approach. EPIC aims to provide a comprehensive service that respects the significance of the sector while fostering a safe environment for discussing sensitive topics. Rangers FC’s involvement in this program signifies the club’s recognition of the importance of protecting their players and staff through proactive education.

The program will involve the men’s first team, B-team, and women’s teams of Rangers FC, with selected academy cohorts participating separately, ensuring a wide-reaching and inclusive educational impact.

Our Comment on the Article

The decade-long partnership between Kindred and Rangers FC, now focusing on the “Zero % Mission,” marks a pivotal shift in how sports sponsorships can positively impact communities and industries. This initiative not only celebrates a longstanding collaboration but also sets a new standard in responsible gambling practices within the sports sector.

By integrating educational programs with EPIC and involving players, staff, and academy members in these initiatives, both Kindred and Rangers FC are demonstrating a proactive and holistic approach to addressing gambling-related challenges in sports. This partnership stands as a model for others in the industry, showcasing how corporate responsibility and sports can align to promote safer and more sustainable practices.