Date: 23.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 23.01.2024 16:08

Kiron Interactive Set to Revolutionize Virtual Sports with GOAL Premier at ICE London 2024

Kiron Interactive, a leader in Virtual Sports and numbers games, is gearing up to showcase its exciting new product lineup at ICE London 2024.

The highlight of this showcase is the much-anticipated flagship football product, GOAL Premier, poised to set a new standard in the virtual sports betting landscape.

Unveiling the Crown Jewel: GOAL Premier

GOAL Premier stands as the pinnacle of Kiron’s 2024 portfolio. This class-leading game features exceptional graphics and innovative betting options. The game will debut at ICE London, offering an exclusive preview to attendees and marking a significant milestone in virtual sports gaming.

Utilizing a record volume of motion-capture data and filmed by professional footballers in a top-tier visual-effects studio, GOAL Premier achieves an unprecedented level of realism. Its photo-realistic player movement, flawless animation, and next-gen CGI promise an immersive gaming experience.

Engaging Features and Betting Markets

GOAL Premier features action-packed games with major international teams, occurring every two minutes. It introduces new betting markets such as first player to score, yellow card predictions, and penalties, enhancing the player experience with cinematic replays and professional commentary.

Alongside GOAL Premier, Kiron is set to launch new Instant Win games at ICE London. Titles like Penguin Plunge, Crab Roulette, and Roach Roulette combine roulette, virtual racing, and loot box mechanics, promising fresh gameplay and high engagement.

Entering the Crash Game Sector

Kiron’s foray into the Crash game sector will be highlighted with the preview of Rodeo and Arm Wrestling. These hybrid sports titles, developed with Curious Games, offer unique themes and side bets, further demonstrating Kiron’s innovative spirit.

Steven Spartinos, Kiron Co-CEO, said: “ICE has always been the industry’s showpiece event…2024 is set to be arguably Kiron’s most exciting in terms of new products…GOAL Premier is set to revolutionise the Virtual Sports betting landscape…Our new Instant Win and Crash games will provide players with unique gaming experiences.”

Our Comment on the Article

Kiron Interactive’s unveiling of GOAL Premier and its new game lineup at ICE London 2024 marks a significant evolution in the virtual sports and gaming industry. Kiron’s commitment to innovation and boundary-pushing is evident in GOAL Premier’s realistic gameplay and diverse betting options.

The introduction of new Instant Win and Crash games underlines the company’s dedication to providing varied and engaging content. This move not only enhances Kiron’s portfolio but also offers operators fresh avenues to attract and retain players. Kiron Interactive’s showcase at ICE London is poised to capture the industry’s attention and set new benchmarks in virtual sports and gaming entertainment.