by Antoni Majewski

LATAM’s Online Gambling Boom Spurs Significant Growth in iGaming Job Market

Recent research reveals a significant impact on the iGaming jobs market due to the rapid expansion of online gambling in the LATAM region. This growth is particularly notable in emerging markets such as Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

As legislatures continue to legalize gambling sites across LATAM, not only has there been an increase in job opportunities, but salaries for various iGaming roles have also seen a surprising and rapid rise. This trend is leading many to consider careers in iGaming for the first time.

LATAM: A Promising iGaming Market

LATAM is emerging as a promising market in iGaming, valued at approximately $2.7 billion. Predictions suggest a 10% annual growth over the next five years, potentially raising the market value to $4.3 billion by 2028. This growth is attributed to factors like the widespread adoption of smartphones, influencer culture’s impact, and the interest of younger generations in iGaming.

The increase in gambling platforms, affiliates, and service providers in LATAM is propelling sector growth. Jobs in iGaming are becoming more sought after and available, with corresponding increases in remuneration.

Spotlight on Specific iGaming Roles in LATAM

According to IGAMINGHUNT, there is a growing demand for local country managers, VIP managers, retention managers, and affiliate managers. Additionally, the need for legal advisors and customer support representatives is significant, given the varying regulations and requirements across LATAM.

Salaries in the LATAM iGaming sector have significantly increased in the past year. For example, customer service agents’ starting salaries have essentially doubled from previous figures. Experienced customer service agents now command salaries between US$1,500 and US$2,000, plus bonuses. Retention managers’ salaries have also seen a similar rise.

Implications for the LATAM Job Market

This salary growth makes iGaming companies highly attractive to job seekers in LATAM, with many able to double their income. iGaming organizations are willing to pay more for the right talent, impacting non-iGaming companies that can’t match these salaries.

As local talent in LATAM upscales and interest from non-domestic workers grows, salary expectations in the iGaming sector are likely to continue rising.

IGAMINGHUNT is positioned as a key player in talent acquisition within the iGaming industry in LATAM, Europe, and beyond. They offer a personal service that efficiently fills roles, saving clients time and money.

Our Comment on the Article

The burgeoning online gambling market in LATAM is reshaping the iGaming job landscape, offering lucrative career opportunities and higher salary prospects. This trend not only highlights the region’s potential as a hotspot for online gambling but also underscores the changing dynamics in the job market, with iGaming emerging as a highly attractive sector for professionals.

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