by Antoni Majewski

Leadership Transition at Alea: New Horizons in iGaming Aggregation

Alea, a frontrunner in the iGaming aggregation sector, announces a strategic shift in leadership, with Jordi Sendra ascending to CEO as founder Alex Tomic transitions to a non-executive role to steer global strategy, particularly in burgeoning markets.

Strategic Leadership Changes

In a significant move within the iGaming industry, Alea has undergone a pivotal leadership transformation. Alex Tomic, the visionary founder who guided Alea to its position as a leading aggregator platform, has decided to step down from his role as CEO. Jordi Sendra, the former COO with three years of impactful service at Alea, has been appointed to helm the company’s future endeavors. This transition is complemented by the appointment of Ramon Glieneke, a seasoned professional with extensive aggregation experience outside iGaming, as the new COO.

Focusing on Global Strategy and Growth

Alex Tomic’s shift to a non-executive role signifies a strategic pivot towards nurturing Alea’s burgeoning influence in key markets such as Latin America, Africa, and Asia. This new position allows Tomic to dedicate more time to refining the overall business strategy in these critical regions, while also fulfilling his growing responsibilities within the broader iGaming community.

Jordi Sendra’s Vision for Alea

Upon his appointment, Jordi Sendra expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by Alex Tomic and the Alea team. He emphasized the company’s evolution into a premier aggregator platform under Tomic’s leadership and expressed enthusiasm for the journey ahead. Sendra’s vision includes harnessing external talent, particularly highlighting Ramon Glieneke’s appointment as an infusion of fresh perspectives and expertise into Alea’s operations.

Ramon Glieneke: A New Dimension to Alea’s Operations

Ramon Glieneke, stepping in as COO, brings a wealth of experience from the travel sector, particularly in API aggregation. His appointment is seen as a strategic advantage for Alea, introducing innovative approaches and insights from outside the iGaming industry. Glieneke expressed excitement about contributing to Alea’s dynamic growth and supporting Jordi Sendra in the company’s continuous pursuit of excellence.

Alea’s Future: Innovation and Expansion

This leadership transition at Alea marks a new chapter in the company’s journey, emphasizing a strategic focus on global expansion and innovative aggregation solutions. With Jordi Sendra at the helm and Ramon Glieneke’s fresh perspective, Alea is poised to reinforce its leadership in the iGaming aggregation space, promising exciting developments and continued growth in the industry.

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