by Antoni Majewski

Light & Wonder Enhances Gaming Experience at Mohegan Inspire in South Korea

Light & Wonder has successfully integrated its offerings into the Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon, South Korea. This strategic partnership aims to elevate the gaming experience at the newly inaugurated resort, which boasts a range of entertainment facilities including a five-star hotel, a 15,000-seat arena, and diverse culinary and leisure options.


Implementing Advanced Gaming Solutions

Mohegan Inspire has adopted Light & Wonder’s L&W Engage, a system-agnostic global platform, to enhance both operational and marketing efficiencies across its slots and table games. This platform facilitates cashless and cardless transactions, promoting a seamless customer journey across various touchpoints and delivering personalized experiences irrespective of location or platform.

Lucas Cai, Mohegan Inspire’s VP of Gaming, emphasized the resort’s commitment to optimizing customer interactions through differentiated services and premium products. Cai expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Light & Wonder, stating, “As we bring this state-of-the-art gaming destination to the Asian market, we are thrilled to open our doors with Light & Wonder’s top-performing games and solutions and believe it will help drive growth and streamline our operational efficiencies.”

Expanding Collaborative Efforts

Simon Johnson, Light & Wonder’s SVP and Managing Director International, highlighted the company’s dedication to enhancing player experiences and supporting customer operations through innovative games and solutions. Celebrating the opening of Mohegan Inspire, Johnson expressed pride in deepening the relationship with Mohegan and contributing to its ongoing expansion with Light & Wonder’s comprehensive product portfolio.

In addition to system solutions, Light & Wonder has furnished Mohegan Inspire with 180 Quartz cabinets, establishing the world’s largest Quartz stadium, and over 170 gaming machines featuring popular titles like Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand and Coin Combo, showcased in award-winning Kascada Dual Screen and Kascada Portrait cabinets.

Conclusion: A New Era for Gaming in Asia

This collaboration with Mohegan Inspire further solidifies Light & Wonder’s presence in the gaming industry, following previous partnerships with Harry Reid International Airport and Crucible Gaming to broaden its content offerings and system solutions.

The integration of Light & Wonder’s innovative gaming machines and systems into Mohegan Inspire marks a significant advancement in the Asian gaming market. By combining cutting-edge technology with personalized customer experiences, Light & Wonder and Mohegan Inspire are setting new standards for entertainment and gaming in the region.

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