Date: 09.04.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Links of Ra II™: A New Chapter in the Mythical Saga by Slingshot Studios

Games Global’s Slingshot Studios has unveiled Links of Ra II™, the much-anticipated sequel in the Links of Ra™ series, elevating the gaming experience with the introduction of the ULTRA Link&Win™ feature. This latest installment promises to transport players into an enthralling world of mythical adventures and untold riches.

Links of Ra II™ invites players to delve into a realm of ancient deities and treasures across a dynamic 5×3 game grid, boasting 1,024 ways to win. The slot combines traditional symbols with innovative gameplay mechanics, such as the acclaimed ULTRA Link&Win™ feature, to offer a gaming experience that is both familiar and novel.

Unleashing the Power of ULTRA Link&Win™

A standout feature, the ULTRA Link&Win™, is activated when players land six or more coin symbols, kickstarting three free respins on an expanded 5×4 grid with additional rows waiting to be unlocked. As players gather key coins, they unveil more symbol rows, escalating the excitement and potential for substantial rewards.

This feature is further enhanced by boosters like doublers, which amplify the value of cash prize coins, and Extra Life Coins, granting players an extra spin, thus prolonging the thrilling bonus round.

The game introduces a Max Mode meter, where near-miss coin collections contribute towards unlocking the ULTRA Link&Win™ feature, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay and keeping players engaged in pursuit of activating this lucrative bonus.

Excitement in Every Spin with Power Stacks™

The Power Stacks™ feature returns, promising a surge of excitement in every spin. With the possibility of symbols being super stacked randomly across all reels, players are kept on the edge of their seats, anticipating the next big win.

Links of Ra II™ also offers players the chance to hit one of four jackpots, further elevating the stakes and excitement of the game. Jackpot coins collected during gameplay contribute to a pot, potentially triggering a spin on the jackpot wheel for a shot at substantial prizes.

Industry Acclaim and Anticipation

Following the success of the original Links of Ra™, which garnered the title of Game of the Year by iGB in 2023, Links of Ra II™ is poised to make waves in the gaming industry. “With multiple paths to win the static jackpots, a feature-rich ULTRA Link&Win™ bonus, and a persistent journey in the base game that unlocks bonus modifiers with massive potential, it is a fantastic Egyptian adventure,” said Richard Vermaak, Creative Director at Slingshot Studios.

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the game’s exceptional player retention and engagement during its exclusive early release. “Links of Ra II™ has combined cutting-edge mechanics with thrilling features and graphics to create an adventure unlike any other,” he remarked.

Our Comment on the Article

The release of Links of Ra II™ by Slingshot Studios marks a significant milestone in the evolution of slot gaming, seamlessly blending the allure of ancient mythology with innovative game mechanics. This sequel not only pays homage to its acclaimed predecessor but also sets a new benchmark for immersive and engaging gameplay in the iGaming industry. As players around the world embark on this new adventure, the anticipation and excitement surrounding Links of Ra II™ are a testament to the creative prowess and innovation that define Slingshot Studios and Games Global.

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