Date: 12.12.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Logifuture and Mozzartbet Group Expand Simulate Game into New European and African Markets

Logifuture, a leading B2B provider in the iGaming industry, has announced a significant expansion of its innovative virtual gaming product, Simulate, in partnership with Mozzartbet Group. This expansion sees Simulate going live in two new markets: Kenya and Serbia, marking a major step in the game’s global reach.

Simulate stands as a testament to Logifuture’s pioneering efforts in gaming technology. The game uniquely combines the excitement of real-time events with the dynamism of live betting, offering users an unmatched and instant gaming experience. This fusion of real and virtual elements in gaming brings a fresh perspective to the industry.

Building Trust and Expanding Horizons

The decision to extend Simulate to Serbia, Mozzartbet’s flagship market, comes after its successful trial in Kenya during Q3 2023. This move not only reflects the commercial success of the product but also signifies the growing trust and confidence between Mozzartbet Group and Logifuture. The expansion into these markets underlines Simulate’s adaptability and universal appeal, showcasing its potential to captivate a broader audience.

Logifuture’s Vision for Future Growth

Logifuture remains committed to reshaping the gaming landscape, with a particular focus on expanding its footprint in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and other regions. The company’s innovative approach, combining technology with entertainment, positions it to redefine user engagement with betting products, indicating a bright future for both Logifuture and the broader iGaming industry.

Statements from Logifuture and Mozzartbet Group

Niccolo Cassettari, Chief Business Development Officer at Logifuture, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re delighted to partner with Mozzartbet across two continents, especially in Serbia, Mozzartbet’s core market. The expansion of Simulate globally marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we believe it’s on the path to becoming a leading game worldwide.”

Katarina Masal, Virtual Games Sector Manager at Mozzartbet Group, also commented: “At Mozzartbet, we aim to offer top-notch gaming experiences. The success of Simulate in Kenya and its expansion into Serbia aligns with our goal of providing cutting-edge entertainment. We’re excited to bring this immersive gaming adventure to our players.”

Our Comment on the Article

The expansion of Logifuture’s Simulate into new markets with Mozzartbet Group is a clear indicator of the evolving landscape of the iGaming industry. This move not only demonstrates the potential for innovative gaming solutions like Simulate to transcend geographical boundaries but also highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in the industry.

As Simulate gains traction in Europe and Africa, it represents the growing trend of integrating technology with traditional gaming experiences, offering users novel and immersive ways to engage with virtual gaming platforms. The success of this partnership could pave the way for further innovations and expansions in the global iGaming sector.