by Antoni Majewski

Low6 Appoints Josh Turk as New Board Member

Low6 Limited, a leading free-to-play B2B gaming supplier renowned for its innovative solutions in sports leagues, sportsbooks, and iGaming operators, announced a significant enhancement to its leadership team with the appointment of Josh Turk as a new board member.

Low6 Appoints Josh Turk

Josh Turk, Low6’s Chief Strategy Officer, joins the board alongside Chairman Andy Clerkson, CEO Jamie Mitchell, and Non-Executive Director Jeffrey Haas. Turk’s appointment brings a wealth of expertise in iGaming product, marketing, business development, and strategic planning, crucial for driving Low6’s core operations and advancing its B2B gaming platform.

Leadership Perspectives: Comments from Low6 Executives

Andy Clerkson, Chairman of the Board, expressed enthusiasm about Turk’s appointment: “We are pleased to welcome Josh to the Board and look forward to working with him to pursue long-term value creation. His substantial igaming and technology expertise will help us accelerate our transformation plans and fully capture the significant growth opportunities ahead for Low6.”

Jamie Mitchell, CEO of Low6, also commented on the unanimous decision to elect Turk: “We are excited to welcome Josh Turk as the Company’s latest board member addition. Josh’s leadership skills and solid relationships within the gaming industry played an integral role in the Company surpassing our last 2-years of revenue and product delivery targets.”

Josh Turk’s Vision for Low6

Josh Turk shared his vision for Low6’s future: “I am excited to join this prestigious group of talented directs on the board of Low6. I believe Low6 can enhance our innovative gaming platform by expanding our white-label product portfolio and doubling down on UltimateFan – becoming the ultimate destination for gen-z and millennial sports fans.”

Before his new role, Turk was instrumental in securing a multi-year partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL), introducing a range of fan engagement games and experiences. This partnership underlines his capability to propel Low6’s progress and transformation in the upcoming fiscal year.

Our Comment on the Article

Josh Turk’s appointment to the Low6 board is a strategic move that aligns with the company’s vision for growth and innovation. His proven track record in the gaming industry and his recent success with the NHL partnership indicate a promising future for Low6. With his expertise, Low6 is set to enhance its product offerings and solidify its position as a leader in the B2B free-to-play igaming sector, especially in attracting the younger generation of sports enthusiasts. This appointment signifies a pivotal step in Low6’s journey towards achieving remarkable milestones in the gaming industry.

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