by Adam Dworak

LuckyStreak and Playnetic Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance iGaming Landscape

In a strategic move set to enrich the iGaming ecosystem, Riga-based LuckyStreak has inked a content aggregation deal with Playnetic, the burgeoning B2B gaming provider.

This collaboration heralds the inclusion of Playnetic’s innovative games within LuckyStreak’s renowned content aggregation API, LuckyConnect, thereby broadening the horizons for over 1000 online casinos globally.

A Gateway to Diverse iGaming Content

LuckyConnect stands as a comprehensive solution catering to various iGaming requirements, including content management, reporting, billing, and an array of support services encompassing promotions, marketing, and technical aspects. This integration promises to significantly enhance the gaming experience for operators and players alike.

Playnetic’s Ascent in the iGaming Arena

Established in 2023, Playnetic has quickly risen through the ranks, making a notable debut at ICE 2024 in London. With three in-house game studios under its belt, Playnetic is committed to delivering immersive gaming entertainment, grounded in the core principles of quality, customer service excellence, and reliable partner relationships.

Expanding Global Footprint

Over the past year, Playnetic has developed an extensive portfolio of games, gearing up to penetrate various global markets in 2024. Their repertoire features a blend of slot and table games, enriched with popular themes and enticing bonuses designed to captivate players.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

Rory Kimber, LuckyStreak’s Commercial Director, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, praising Playnetic’s fresh and engaging content. “We’re delighted to be a distribution partner for Playnetic. Their content is new, refreshing and very engaging. The team is experienced and knows what makes successful games, and identifies what the iGaming market opportunities are, with a focus on reliable operational delivery. We’re pleased Playnetic chose to partner with LuckyStreak because we have an excellent and robust aggregation proposition, and a large commercially minded customer network, and we’re getting strong pre-sales interest.”

Conversely, Julian Borg-Barthet, Chief Commercial Officer at Playnetic, lauded the synergies with LuckyStreak, particularly highlighting the latter’s growth trajectory and commitment to expedited market entry.

“We are pleased to have reached this deal with LuckyStreak, their rapid growth and plans as an aggregator supports our speed to market objective for 2024. The knowledge and open communication from the team at LuckyStreak, coupled with strong relationships with their customers ensures we get a wide distribution of our innovative gaming content. We’re excited to be working with the team.”

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between LuckyStreak and Playnetic marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry, showcasing the dynamic potential of strategic collaborations. By leveraging LuckyStreak’s aggregation platform, Playnetic is poised to introduce its cutting-edge gaming content to a broader audience, thereby enriching the online casino landscape.

This alliance not only underscores the companies’ commitment to quality and innovation but also sets a promising trajectory for the evolution of iGaming experiences worldwide.

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