Date: 26.04.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Last update: 08.05.2024 12:14

MADIC UK and Allwyn Partner to Integrate UK National Lottery with evoPOS EPOS Solution

MADIC UK, a leading electronic point of sale (EPOS) technology company, has joined forces with European lottery group Allwyn to integrate the UK National Lottery into its cutting-edge EPOS solution, evoPOS.

Introduction to the Partnership

The collaboration between MADIC UK and Allwyn marks a significant milestone in the evolution of lottery retail technology.

By integrating the National Lottery with the evoPOS solution, retailers will have the capability to seamlessly sell popular draw-based games, including Lotto, Set For Life, EuroMillions, Thunderball, and HotPicks, alongside other in-store and fuel purchases.

Prototype Unveiling at National Forecourt Show 2024

The partnership will unveil a prototype of the National Lottery-integrated EPOS technology at the National Forecourt Show 2024, with a debut showcase at stand N20.

This prototype will demonstrate how retailers can leverage evoPOS to expand their lottery sales channels, offering customers greater convenience and accessibility.

Enhancing Retailer Opportunities

The integration of the National Lottery with evoPOS opens up new avenues for retailers to capitalize on lottery sales opportunities. By eliminating the need for standalone National Lottery terminals, retailers can streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.

The ability to print lottery tickets directly from EPOS tills will simplify the purchasing process and encourage impulse buys, ultimately driving sales growth for retailers.

Allwyn’s and MADIC UK Vision for the Future

Alex Green, Director of Channel Operations at Allwyn, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing its alignment with the company’s long-term objectives. By offering innovative solutions for purchasing National Lottery draw games, Allwyn aims to attract more players, increase revenue for National Lottery-funded projects, and broaden its player base.

Emma Baillie, Solutions Management Director at MADIC UK, highlighted the significance of integrating The National Lottery with evoPOS, citing customer demand as a driving force behind the development. Baillie emphasized that this collaboration represents a significant milestone in MADIC UK’s product evolution, fulfilling a longstanding request from customers and paving the way for future innovations.

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