by Mateusz Mazur

Malta Gaming Authority Cancels Authorizations of Betago Limited and Genesis Global Limited

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has recently taken decisive action against two gaming operators, Betago Limited and Genesis Global Limited, by cancelling their authorizations due to regulatory non-compliance.

These decisions reflect MGA’s stringent approach to upholding the highest standards in the gaming industry.

MGA’s Regulatory Action Against Betago Limited

Betago Limited, holding the reference number MGA/B2C/355/2016, faced authorization cancellation effective January 8, 2024. The MGA’s decision, based on various regulatory breaches, mandates Betago Limited to settle all outstanding fees within seven days, refund all player monies, and submit transaction reports confirming the remittance of funds to players.

Similarly, Genesis Global Limited, with reference number MGA/CRP/314/2015, had its authorization cancelled effective January 11, 2024. The company is directed to comply with similar requirements as Betago Limited, including settling outstanding fees and submitting transaction reports within a specified timeframe.

MGA’s Commitment to Industry Standards

These actions underline the MGA’s commitment to ensuring that all gaming activities within its jurisdiction adhere to the laws and regulations. The Authority’s directive to remove any reference to the MGA and the authorizations aligns with its strict regulatory standards.

The MGA is actively collaborating with appointed liquidators to ensure the orderly remittance of player funds under the MGA license. This cooperative approach signifies the Authority’s dedication to protecting player interests.

Our Comment on the Article

The Malta Gaming Authority’s recent decisions to cancel the authorizations of Betago Limited and Genesis Global Limited demonstrate its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and player protection. These actions highlight the importance of adherence to regulatory standards in the gaming industry.

The MGA’s proactive stance in enforcing compliance, ensuring the settlement of liabilities, and safeguarding player funds sets a high benchmark for regulatory authorities worldwide. As the industry evolves, such stringent regulatory practices are essential for maintaining trust and integrity in the iGaming sector. These measures also serve as a reminder to gaming operators of the critical importance of meeting regulatory requirements and upholding industry standards.

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