by Antoni Majewski

Malta Gaming Authority Launches Green Initiative: A Tree for Every New Employee

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has introduced a novel initiative that underscores its commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. In a move to promote sustainability, the Authority has pledged to plant one tree for each new employee that joins the organization.

Planting for the Future

The initiative commenced with the planting of 17 trees, consisting of indigenous Tamarisk and Chaste varieties, at the Marsaskala Nature Trust Reserve. This area, known for its ongoing conservation efforts, benefits from the MGA’s project, which aims to support and contribute to environmental preservation.

The 17 MGA employees, who became part of the Authority in 2023, actively participated in the tree planting activity. This hands-on experience provided them with valuable insights into conservation practices, the essentials of tree planting, and the subsequent care that the Nature Trust will undertake to ensure the trees’ growth.

A Symbol of Growth

Christopher Formosa, Deputy CEO and COO of the MGA, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “This initiative aligns perfectly with the MGA’s dedication to fostering a more sustainable future. By planting a tree in the name of our new joiners, we aim not only to signify the beginning of their journey with us but also to symbolise the professional growth and development we anticipate for both them and our organization.”

Commentary: Embracing Sustainability in Corporate Practices

The Malta Gaming Authority’s initiative to plant a tree for every new employee is a commendable step towards integrating sustainability into corporate culture. This approach not only contributes to environmental conservation but also serves as a meaningful welcome gesture for new joiners, symbolizing their growth and the positive impact they can have within the organization and the wider community. As businesses increasingly recognize their role in addressing environmental and social challenges, initiatives like these set a valuable precedent for embedding ESG principles into everyday operations.

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