Date: 18.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Malta Gaming Authority Revokes Licenses of Winners Malta Operations and Super7plus Limited

In a significant regulatory move, the Malta Gaming Authority has cancelled the authorizations of two gaming companies, Winners Malta Operations Limited and Super7plus Limited, citing non-compliance with gaming regulations.

MGA Enforces Strict Compliance Measures

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has taken decisive action against two gaming companies, Winners Malta Operations Limited and Super7plus Limited, by revoking their authorizations. The cancellations, effective as of 11 January 2024 and 17 January 2024 respectively, are based on several non-compliance issues outlined in the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations (S.L. 583.06).

Winners Malta Operations Limited, holding authorization number MGA/B2C/618/2018, has been directed to settle all outstanding fees within five days and refund all player monies in accordance with the Gaming Act and its regulations. Additionally, they must submit a detailed transaction report within seven days, proving the remittance of funds to players. The MGA retains the right to access and copy essential regulatory data from the company.

Similarly, Super7plus Limited, with authorization number MGA/B2C/436/2017, has been ordered to immediately suspend all gaming operations and stop registering new players. The company must also settle outstanding fees and submit a transaction report within the same timeframes as Winners Malta Operations. Super7plus is required to allow existing players to access their accounts for withdrawing their balances.

Both companies have been instructed to remove any references to their MGA authorization immediately, in compliance with the Gaming Act.

Implications of the MGA’s Decision

This decision by the MGA underscores the strict regulatory environment governing the gaming industry in Malta. The authority’s actions reflect its commitment to upholding high standards and protecting player interests. These measures serve as a reminder to gaming operators of the importance of full compliance with regulatory requirements.

The cancellation of the licenses of Winners Malta Operations and Super7plus Limited signals a firm stance by the MGA against any deviations from established gaming regulations. This move could potentially impact the broader gaming industry in Malta, prompting other operators to rigorously assess and ensure their compliance with the law.

Opportunity for Appeal and Regulatory Oversight

Both Winners Malta Operations and Super7plus Limited have the right to appeal the MGA’s decision under article 43 (1) of the Gaming Act. The outcome of any potential appeals could provide further insights into the regulatory landscape and the MGA’s enforcement policies.

In conclusion, the MGA’s decision to revoke the authorizations of these two companies serves as a critical reminder of the rigorous regulatory standards in Malta’s gaming industry. It underscores the authority’s dedication to maintaining a fair, transparent, and responsible gaming environment.