Date: 03.04.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Matthew Gera Takes the Helm at Wild Gaming Studios

In a significant move within the iGaming industry, Matthew Gera has announced his new position as CEO and Co-Owner of Wild Gaming Studios, a Serbia-based developer known for its engaging casino games. This appointment marks a new chapter for both Gera and the company, promising to bring fresh perspectives to the world of online gaming.

Wild Gaming Studios: Crafting Global Gaming Experiences

Established in 2022, Wild Gaming Studios has quickly made its mark in the iGaming sector with its commitment to delivering “captivating gaming experiences” for a global audience. Based in Belgrade, Serbia, the company has positioned itself as a pioneer in the creation of innovative and thrilling iGaming slot experiences, aiming to resonate with players across the globe.

Despite the geographical distance, Gera will lead Wild Gaming Studios remotely, bringing his extensive experience and visionary leadership to the team. His focus will be on expanding the team and enhancing the company’s portfolio with immersive gaming experiences that captivate players worldwide.

A New Chapter for Matthew Gera

Gera’s transition to Wild Gaming Studios comes shortly after his departure from RubyPlay, a Malta-based iGaming company where he played a significant role for over four years. His journey at RubyPlay saw him evolve from a Commercial and Account Manager to the Commercial Director, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and success.

Reflecting on his time at RubyPlay, Gera expressed his gratitude towards the leadership and his colleagues for the support and growth opportunities provided during his tenure. He views his new role as a continuation of his journey in the iGaming industry, carrying forward the valuable lessons and relationships cultivated at RubyPlay.

RubyPlay Bids Farewell to a Valued Leader

RubyPlay’s social media channels have acknowledged Gera’s contributions, highlighting the transformative impact of his strategic insights and dedication over the past four years. While expressing their anticipation for his future endeavors, RubyPlay’s message reflects a sentiment of mutual respect and the lasting imprint Gera has left on the company.

Matthew Gera’s career in the iGaming industry is marked by a series of leadership roles at notable companies such as Pragmatic Play, Playson, and Aspire Global. His experience spans various facets of the industry, equipping him with a deep understanding of market dynamics and the evolving needs of the online gaming community.

Our Comment on the Article

Matthew Gera’s appointment as CEO of Wild Gaming Studios is more than a career transition; it symbolizes the continual evolution of the iGaming industry. With his rich background and innovative approach, Gera is well-positioned to steer Wild Gaming Studios towards new horizons, crafting gaming experiences that resonate on a global scale. This move not only highlights the dynamic nature of the iGaming sector but also underscores the industry’s reliance on visionary leaders who can adapt to and shape the future of gaming. As Gera embarks on this new journey, the industry watches with anticipation, eager to witness the transformative impact of his leadership at Wild Gaming Studios.