by Antoni Majewski

MaxBet Ushers in New Era Under CEO Savo Bakmaz

In a significant shake-up in the gambling industry, MaxBet has announced the appointment of Savo Bakmaz as its new CEO, signaling a bold step into a new era of business.

With a strong vision to dominate the Balkan market, Bakmaz, who joined the company in 2016 and has climbed through various leadership roles, aims to propel MaxBet’s growth through innovation and a commitment to enhancing customer experience. Under his guidance, MaxBet, which currently employs over 3,000 staff, is set to experience transformative changes in 2024, focusing on technological advancements and an increase in active monthly users.

Interview with the CEO

The Serbian portal “NIN” published a brief conversation with the new CEO of MaxBet, which is available below in English:

Savo Bakmas, MaxBet CEO: Our vision is to become the best in the Balkans and in line with that, we are focusing on innovation. We are facing big and significant changes in 2024, and we are very excited about it. Everything we do raises our game and business to a higher level and will contribute to new successes and revolutionary development of the company, as well as providing an even higher quality customer experience to our players.

What was your path like in the company?

I started my career at MaxBet in 2016 as the director of controlling. Then I moved to SKS365, where I held the position of general manager for the next three years. With that experience, I returned to MaxBet and continued to develop my career through the positions of financial director, then general manager, and all of this resulted in this new role of CEO of MaxBet. My expertise in investment banking, finance, and the gambling industry, as well as my ability to successfully lead large teams, have brought me to where I am, and rest assured when I say that MaxBet is in safe hands.

How do you manage to balance private and professional life?

I like to joke, so I usually say that I work from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM because I have to, and from 4:00 PM onwards, I work because I love it. Although I tell it as a joke, you know that there is always a little bit of truth in every joke. Certainly, I believe that maintaining a balance between work and life is key to being satisfied and happy. That’s why I spend every spare moment with my family, and besides that, I enjoy watching sports and love to ride a motorcycle whenever I get the chance.

What will be the biggest challenge for you as the CEO?

MaxBet is one of the leading omnichannel companies for betting and gambling in Serbia, and we also operate in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. The challenge is to continue to grow as an employer in all these markets and at the same time, thanks to new technologies and innovations that we introduce, to increase the number of active users on a monthly basis.

We have quality people in the company and a team that is ready to successfully implement all this into action, and it is a great honor and pleasure for me to lead MaxBet to the next planned level of business. However, the challenge is that we constantly raise the bar, because we always see that we can do better and more – so – just as our slogan says – Life is a game – and at MaxBet, we know we are experts in this game.

How do you see your personal development in the company?

My personal development will certainly be closely related to the development of the company. Like every visionary, I want to be a leader who will strengthen our position as a leader in the industry, and enable employees to grow personally and professionally together with the company. This is an exciting and dynamic industry and I am happy to have the opportunity to show and demonstrate everything I know in this position, and my desire is to encourage and nurture the same mood and ambitions in my employees.

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