Date: 15.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Merkur Gaming Set to Shine at BEGE Expo in Sofia

As Bulgaria transitions from autumn to winter, the gaming industry is gearing up for the Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE) in Sofia, one of the most significant B2B gaming events in Eastern Europe.

Merkur Gaming Set to Shine at BEGE Expo in Sofia

Merkur Gaming, a leading name in the industry, is poised to be a prominent exhibitor at this vibrant event.

BEGE Expo: A Key Industry Gathering

BEGE, traditionally the show that closes out the expo calendar, is renowned for its dynamic and successful gatherings of gaming industry professionals. In 2022, BEGE attracted 85 exhibitors and approximately 5,000 visitors from over 60 countries. This year, the organizers are confident of exceeding these numbers, highlighting the expo’s growing importance in the gaming industry.

Merkur Gaming’s Showcase

Merkur Gaming, along with its esteemed colleagues GeWeTe and Merkur eSolutions, is set to present an impressive booth featuring the latest gaming attractions and innovations. Their display at booth 3.16 in the Sofia Inter Expo Center will include:

  • Linked Progressive Jackpot Systems: Merkur will showcase three high-performance models – Link Zone 2, Solar Link, and Five.
  • Gaming Cabinets: A mix of successful models and brand-new releases such as the Avantgarde Max, Avante Trio, Allegro Trio, and the new Zonic Trio. The Zonic models are notable for their unique, interchangeable side panels that can change their appearance on the gaming floor.
  • Merkur Mystery 2 and Multigame Collections: These include established favorite games and new innovations in single-game play.

Anticipation from Merkur’s Executive

Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, Chief Executive of Merkur Gaming, expressed his excitement about returning to Sofia for BEGE. He remarked, “We are all very much looking forward to being leading exhibitors once again at BEGE. It is always a very friendly event, one that keeps us very busy with customers from the show’s opening to its conclusion and one where we have always been extremely successful. Winter, and the close of 2023, is coming shortly, so if it is not too early, I want to thank all of our customers and business partners for putting their trust in the Merkur brand once again and we look forward to seeing you all in 2024.”

Our Comment on the Article

The anticipation for the BEGE Expo in Sofia reflects the vibrant nature of the gaming industry in Eastern Europe. Merkur Gaming’s significant presence at the event, with its extensive display of gaming systems and cabinets, demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and customer engagement. This event not only serves as a platform for showcasing the latest in gaming technology but also as a barometer for the industry’s trends and future directions.

The success of such events is crucial for fostering business relationships and exploring new opportunities in the gaming sector. As the industry looks forward to 2024, BEGE and Merkur Gaming’s role in it exemplifies the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of this sector.