Date: 14.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

MGA Games Bolsters Dutch Market Presence with Integration

MGA Games, a renowned provider of online casino slot games, is making significant strides in the Dutch market following the successful integration of its extensive game portfolio into, a leading global online betting operator.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for MGA Games, further cementing its commitment to expanding its footprint in the Netherlands.

Strategic Expansion into the Dutch Market

The integration of MGA Games’ slot machines into includes the latest localized slot games like Sylvia Geersen Golden Throne, alongside popular themed games such as The Last Gladiator and Viking Conquest. This diverse offering includes Megaways, 3- and 5-reel slot games, all equipped with cutting-edge technology and visually captivating graphics, fully optimized for mobile access.

Bet365 Group Limited, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a titan in the international online gambling arena, boasting a vast customer base of approximately 35 million users worldwide. The partnership with MGA Games is expected to enrich the platform, offering Dutch players an enhanced gaming experience.

A Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

Javier Lanfranchi, Sales Director at MGA Games, expressed confidence in the mutual benefits this collaboration brings to both entities in achieving their short and long-term goals. He anticipates that’s clientele will be thoroughly impressed with the new gaming offerings, reinforcing Bet365’s reputation for its user-friendly interface, extensive betting options, and exceptional customer service.

In addition to, MGA Games has established partnerships with six other leading online casino operators in the Netherlands, underscoring its dedication to broadening its market presence. These strategic alliances are pivotal in MGA Games’ ongoing efforts to enhance its brand visibility and accessibility to Dutch players.

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between MGA Games and signifies a noteworthy development in the iGaming industry, particularly within the Dutch market. It highlights the strategic moves companies are making to adapt to and thrive in regulated environments. For MGA Games, this expansion not only broadens its game accessibility but also aligns with its growth objectives in a promising market.

For, incorporating MGA Games’ diverse and technologically advanced slot offerings enhances its platform, promising a richer user experience. This collaboration reflects the dynamic nature of the iGaming industry, where innovation, user engagement, and strategic partnerships are key drivers of success.