by Kajetan Sawicz

Michel Groothuizen Appointed Chair of the Netherlands Gambling Authority

Michel Groothuizen is set to become the new Chairman of the Board for the Netherlands Gambling Authority starting July 1, 2024, bringing a wealth of regulatory experience and a commitment to responsible gambling to the forefront of the Dutch gambling sector.

Leadership Transition at the Helm of Gambling Oversight

Michel Groothuizen is set to take over as the Chairman of the Board at the Netherlands Gambling Authority (Kansspelautoriteit, Ksa) starting July 1, 2024, succeeding René Jansen. The Ksa, as an independent regulatory body, plays a pivotal role in supervising the gambling market in the Netherlands, advocating for safe gaming environments, consumer protection, prevention of gambling addiction, and combating illegal activities.

Groothuizen, with an extensive administrative career and profound knowledge in the gambling sector, is anticipated to bring valuable expertise to the Ksa. Having been instrumental in the establishment of the Ksa in 2012 while serving as a policy director, his return marks a full-circle moment in his professional journey.

Ric de Rooij, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice and Security, expressed confidence in Groothuizen’s leadership capabilities, emphasizing the dynamic nature of gambling regulations that require continuous attention. Groothuizen’s own reflections on his appointment highlight his commitment to navigating the complexities of modern gambling, particularly in regulating online platforms and mitigating adverse effects like gambling addiction.

A Diverse Professional Portfolio

Before this new role, Groothuizen was a Deputy Director-General at the Department of Justice and Security and held several significant positions, including General Director at the Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry. His academic background in law and public administration, combined with practical experience, positions him well for this significant role in the gambling regulatory framework.

The appointment, though not classified under the Senior Civil Service, was concluded through a comprehensive process akin to those for top administrative services, ensuring a transparent and open selection. This approach reaffirms the commitment to maintaining high standards in public service appointments, particularly in sectors as impactful as gambling regulation.

Our Comment on the Article

Michel Groothuizen’s appointment as the Chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority marks a significant moment for the Dutch gambling regulatory landscape. With his extensive background and prior involvement in the Ksa’s foundation, Groothuizen is poised to lead the authority through the evolving challenges of the gambling industry. His commitment to socially responsible gambling and his comprehensive approach to regulation are crucial in an era where the digital transformation of gambling poses new challenges. As the gambling industry continues to grow and transform, Groothuizen’s leadership will be instrumental in steering the Ksa towards its goals of safe, fair, and regulated gambling in the Netherlands.

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