Date: 05.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Microgaming Embarks on a Transformative Journey with a Major Rebrand

Microgaming, a stalwart in the iGaming industry, celebrates 30 years of innovation by unveiling a comprehensive rebranding of its corporate and Play It Forward websites. This strategic move signals a pivotal shift towards emphasizing the company’s foundational role as a premier platform software and technology provider.

A New Era Dawns for Microgaming

As Microgaming steps into its fourth decade, it does so not just with a celebration of its past achievements but with a bold stride into the future. The rebranding initiative goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a reassertion of Microgaming’s core identity and a declaration of its ongoing evolution. The unchanged logo remains a nod to the company’s rich legacy, while the fresh visual elements and dynamic design signify a forward-looking ethos centered on innovation and human connection.

Realigning with Core Values

Microgaming’s strategic refocus is more than just a visual makeover. The company is redefining its value proposition, shifting from a content aggregator to highlighting its roots in corporate platform software and technology. This change, catalyzed by Games Global’s acquisition of key assets in 2022, repositions Microgaming at the forefront of the industry, underlining its commitment to delivering top-tier gaming experiences responsibly.

Celebrating People and Partnerships

In its journey of three decades, Microgaming has not only been a recipient of over 20 prestigious industry awards but has also been a champion for diversity and inclusion. The rebrand emphasizes this ‘people-first’ approach, planning a significant celebration to honor the contributions of individuals and partners who have been integral to its success. This initiative underscores the company’s belief in the power of collaboration and community in driving innovation and excellence.

Looking Forward with Anticipation

Alex Wilson, Head of Marketing at Microgaming, encapsulates the sentiment surrounding the rebranding, expressing excitement about redefining the company’s identity and its commitment to the industry. The rebranding is not just a change in visual identity but a marker of Microgaming’s renewed focus on its foundational strengths, honoring its history while forging a path towards new possibilities.

Reflecting on Microgaming’s Strategic Pivot

Microgaming’s rebranding is a testament to its resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving iGaming landscape. By reemphasizing its technological roots and celebrating its human capital, Microgaming is setting the stage for continued leadership and innovation in the industry. This strategic pivot not only honors its past but also lays down a vibrant roadmap for its future, promising exciting developments in the world of online gaming.