Date: 26.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:44

Geolocs and Jumpman Form Strategic Partnership in Ontario

mkodo Limited has recently announced its strategic alliance with Jumpman Gaming, a rapidly expanding name in the iGaming sphere for the expanding The Six Gaming in Ontario.

The collaboration revolves around GeoLocs, a premier geolocation verification tool, which will assist The Six Gaming in its foray into the Ontario market. With the support of this solution, The Six Gaming and its clientele can confidently operate within the province, adhering strictly to local regulations.

Why GeoLocs Stands Out

Designed specifically for iGaming entities, GeoLocs stands out as one of the pioneer geolocation services in Ontario. Its primary goal is to ensure that iGaming brands function within licensed territories while promoting responsible gaming for their users. One of its standout features is its capability to resolve unique challenges faced by iGaming operators, such as authenticating a player’s geographical position.

Plus, its integration is smooth and swift. The backend portal it offers is user-friendly, empowering operators with the ability to manage geo-restrictions with ease. Importantly, the user experience on the player’s side remains impeccable as they aren’t required to install additional apps or downloads to verify their location for real-money gaming.

Voices from the Partnership

Stuart Godfree, the Managing Director at mkodo, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “mkodo is delighted to be partnering with such a significant iGaming business as The Six Gaming. We’re happy they’re on board and pleased that they are able to offer their clients our expert geolocation service as they enter into new markets across North America. We look forward to a successful partnership to come.”

On the other hand, Kris Kukula, Director at The Six Gaming, shared, “It’s great to be able to offer our clients more choice when it comes to geolocation. GeoLocs is a great partner as the technology, knowledge, and expertise of the Canadian market is second-to-none. We see mkodo as true partners, and we’re excited to work together to unlock value from our investment in their cutting-edge geolocation technology, which has enabled us to launch and operate in Ontario.”

Our Comment on the Article

This partnership between mkodo and The Six Gaming is indeed a strategic move for both entities. As the iGaming industry continues to expand, having reliable and effective geolocation solutions like GeoLocs becomes crucial. The endorsements by both Stuart Godfree and Kris Kukula highlight the importance and potential of this collaboration.

It’s clear that as the industry evolves, ensuring compliance and promoting responsible gaming will remain at its forefront. This partnership is poised to set new benchmarks for iGaming operations in Ontario and potentially beyond.


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