Date: 04.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:47

mkodo Partners with Arizona State Lottery to Launch GeoLocs Geolocation Service in the US

mkodo, a company under Pollard Banknote, has entered the US market through a partnership with the Arizona State Lottery.

The collaboration aims to provide geolocation services using GeoLocs, a powerful tool designed to ensure compliance and offer a seamless user experience for the Arizona Lottery’s innovative online sweepstakes platform, Lucky Lounge.

GeoLocs: A Robust Geolocation Solution

GeoLocs is a trusted geolocation service that has been utilized by Pollard Banknote and its subsidiaries for over a decade. Designed exclusively for the iGaming industry, GeoLocs addresses geolocation challenges, especially as the iGaming sector continues to expand, particularly in North America.

The partnership between mkodo and the Arizona Lottery involves GeoLocs offering its geolocation expertise to support the rollout of the Lucky Lounge online sweepstakes platform. GeoLocs is known for its robust, user-friendly, reliable, and compliant geolocation service. This collaboration allows the Arizona Lottery to quickly and seamlessly integrate geolocation verification into its services.

Past Collaborations and Compliance

Pollard Banknote has previously assisted the Arizona Lottery in launching the Lucky Lounge, an online platform tied to the Pollard PlayON loyalty and player engagement platform. The Lucky Lounge has attracted a significant player base, and GeoLocs plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with state regulations in this context.

mkodo aims to establish GeoLocs as a leading compliance provider in North America through this collaboration with the Arizona Lottery. The partnership not only supports compliance but also enhances the user experience for geolocation verification, ensuring that players can participate seamlessly in online sweepstakes.

Stuart Godfree, Managing Director at mkodo, added: “mkodo is excited to partner with the Arizona Lottery, supporting it to ensure full compliance with geolocation regulations across the state in support of its sweepstakes program. Following its early 2023 launch, we’re pleased to further establish GeoLocs as a leading compliance provider in North America. We are excited to work with the Arizona Lottery to offer it and its players the best user experience for geolocation verification.”

Chris Rogers, Deputy Director Marketing and Products at Arizona Lottery, said: “GeoLocs was the perfect choice for Arizona Lottery’s geolocation verification needs. The technology and expertise behind GeoLocs, as well as the knowledge of regulations and compliance in the region, has been a fantastic support and is what made the GeoLocs offering stand out as we implement geolocation within our offering.”

The partnership between mkodo and the Arizona State Lottery signifies mkodo’s entry into the US market through its GeoLocs geolocation service. It underlines the growing importance of geolocation solutions in the iGaming industry as regulatory compliance becomes increasingly crucial. This collaboration reflects the commitment to delivering a top-tier user experience while adhering to state regulations.