by Kajetan Sawicz

NeoGames and SAZKA Forge Ahead with Extended iLottery and iGaming Partnership

In an announcement that underscores the enduring strength of strategic collaborations in the iGaming sector, NeoGames S.A., a trailblazer in providing comprehensive iLottery and iGaming solutions, has declared a three-year extension of its contract with the Czech Republic’s lottery behemoth, SAZKA.

This extension, effective until the close of 2028, cements the partnership between NeoGames and SAZKA, a key player in Allwyn’s portfolio with significant market presence across Europe and the United States.

A Continued Legacy of Innovation and Growth

SAZKA’s choice to renew its contract with NeoGames is a testament to the successful partnership that has flourished since 2017, marked by the launch of NeoGames’ pioneering iLottery solution. This collaboration has been instrumental in propelling SAZKA to the forefront of the European online lottery market, showcasing remarkable growth and innovation in its digital offerings.

The renewed agreement also heralds the integration of content aggregation provided by Pariplay, a NeoGames subsidiary. This enhancement is poised to significantly bolster SAZKA’s online gaming portfolio, offering a more diverse and engaging experience to its user base.

Leadership Perspectives on the Renewed Partnership

Moti Malul, CEO of NeoGames, expressed enthusiasm about the extended collaboration, highlighting SAZKA as a cornerstone client. “We consider SAZKA one of our most important and strategic customers, so we are thrilled about this extension. SAZKA has made remarkable growth in its online lottery channels, and we are proud to manage the operator’s entire digital activity, providing seamless operational support as it navigates the many regulatory changes taking place across the continent.”

Echoing this sentiment, Jan Horyna, Chief iGaming Officer at SAZKA, emphasized the partnership’s value beyond technology. “We’re pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with NeoGames. This collaboration isn’t just about technology; it’s about a mutually fruitful working relationship and about the value we’re creating for our players. Together, we’re redefining what online lottery can be, and we’re eager to continue pushing the boundaries and set new standards as we build on the work we’ve undertaken throughout this longstanding partnership.”

Our Comment on the Extension

The extension of the partnership between NeoGames and SAZKA is more than just a contract renewal; it’s a reaffirmation of the transformative power of collaboration in the iGaming and lottery industry. As these two giants continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in online gaming, the industry as a whole stands to benefit from their pioneering approaches and commitment to enhancing the player experience. This partnership not only sets the stage for continued innovation but also reinforces the importance of strong alliances in navigating the complex landscape of the global iGaming market.

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