Date: 10.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:41

NeoGames Rises with Strategic Advances and Expansion in Q3

Despite global challenges, NeoGames has made significant strides in Q3 in the iLottery and iGaming sectors, with its joint venture, NeoPollard Interactive, securing a new public procurement with the West Virginia Lottery.

This marks a substantial step forward, as the company also collaborates with the North Carolina Lottery to launch eInstant games.

Understanding NeoGames’ Financial Landscape

The financial results of NeoGames for the third quarter of 2023 exhibit a company navigating through the complexities of the iGaming industry with adeptness. With revenues and shares in NPI totaling $63.3 million, there’s a notable shift when compared to the $73.3 million of the previous year. This apparent decrease is attributed to a change in accounting for Aspire Core revenues, now reported on a net basis.

The iLottery continues its steady climb with a 5.6% increase year-over-year, with revenues reaching $14.4 million. The share in NPI revenues impressively surged by over 50%, indicating vigorous market performance and expansion strategies bearing fruit. Moreover, the adjusted net income and EBITDA both reflect upward trends, signaling strong underlying financial health and operational efficiency.

Expanding Footprints and Partnerships

The period saw fruitful partnerships, with Pariplay expanding its reach in Greece and Pennsylvania, bolstering NeoGames’ market presence.

Notable collaborations with industry giants like Hard Rock and Fortuna Entertainment Group, alongside BtoBet’s North American sports betting venture, underline the company’s growing influence.

Our Comment on the Article

NeoGames’ third-quarter achievements reflect a resilient and adaptive business strategy. The company’s ability to grow amidst industry changes and geopolitical tensions illustrates a forward-thinking approach that not only prioritizes expansion but also the welfare of its stakeholders.

Their dedication to completing the merger with Aristocrat Leisure demonstrates a clear vision for a more integrated and innovative future in iGaming.