Date: 07.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:42

New Era in Finnish Scratch Cards: A Step Towards Responsible Gaming

From the first day of 2024, Finland will witness a significant overhaul in its gaming history as popular scratch cards, such as Ässä and Casino, will require player identification for purchase, prize claims, and participation in a revamped additional draw.

Finland Veikkaus Prepares for a Transformative Era in the Gambling Industry iGamingExpress

This change, marking the inclusion of the last product group into the identification system, aligns with the country’s commitment to responsible gambling.

Seamless Identification Process

Purchasing and claiming winnings for scratch cards will necessitate identification from January 1, 2024. The familiar process already used for coupon games, such as using the Veikkaus card, driving, personal, Kela card, or the mobile card from the Veikkaus app, ensures a smooth transition.

“Our customer base is already familiar with identification due to our coupon games. This sets a positive precedent for scratch card purchases,” explains Ville Venojärvi, Head of Lottery Games at Veikkaus.

However, it’s important to note that unlike coupon games, scratch card winnings will still require the physical card at the point of prize redemption; the winnings are not directly transferred to a gaming or bank account.

Enhanced Additional Draw: Daily Excitement

The new identification requirement introduces an exciting daily additional draw for scratch card enthusiasts. Starting in 2024, non-winning scratch cards can be entered into a daily draw at sales outlets, a significant increase from the previous weekly draws exclusive to Ässä and Casino cards.

Each day will see the draw of five prizes worth 1,000 euros each. “The daily additional draw responds to our customers’ desires for more frequent chances to win,” says Venojärvi.

Responsible Gaming Tools Come into Play

The mandatory identification for scratch cards also brings them under the umbrella of responsible gaming tools like betting limits.

This move enables the efficient identification and prevention of problematic gambling behaviors. “Veikkaus is among the world’s first gaming companies to require identification across all playing channels, including scratch cards. This is a step towards preventing gambling-related harm, strengthening age control, and creating a safer gaming environment,” affirms Venojärvi.

Our Comment on the Article

This upcoming transformation in Finland’s gaming industry is both a significant leap and a natural progression towards safer and more responsible gaming.

The blend of familiar processes for identification and the introduction of new, daily incentives offers an enhanced experience for customers while promoting transparency and accountability in gaming practices.

As the digital and physical gaming worlds converge with these new policies, Veikkaus sets a commendable standard for the industry at large, showing a keen awareness of the importance of consumer protection and the prevention of gaming-related issues.


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