Date: 18.04.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

New Live Game Show “Super Mega Ultra” Debuts to Global Audience

Playtech, in collaboration with bet365, has launched a new live game show titled “Super Mega Ultra.” This latest addition is now available to players across various regions, including the UK, Mexico, and Ontario.

The game is inspired by a popular slot from bet365.

Game Design and Features

“Super Mega Ultra” integrates a distinctive three-tier payout system labeled as Super, Mega, and Ultra, with potential multipliers reaching up to ×2500 at the Ultra level.

The gameplay is centered around a dual-wheel mechanism, advancing players through different levels based on specific spin results.

Each level escalation increases the potential rewards, creating a dynamic and engaging player experience. Additionally, the inclusion of two bonus rounds, 7s Heaven and Slot Spins, further enriches the gameplay, providing varied and stimulating game sequences.

Industry Impact and Strategic Developments

The game’s three-tier system and dual-wheel setup are meant to set a new benchmark within the industry, while both companies again try to push the boundaries of player engagement and satisfaction.

The release of “Super Mega Ultra” has been met with enthusiasm from both companies.

A spokesperson from bet365 highlighted the game as a milestone in their Live Casino offerings. “We’re thrilled to unveil this new game to our global community, marking a significant milestone for us. It is a valuable addition to our Live Casino portfolio, taking our in-house game production to new heights. With the introduction of the three-tier base live game spanning two wheels, we’re setting a new industry standard – a testament to our commitment to creating innovative, top-quality and engaging game experiences for our players. Playtech’s expertise and collaboration were instrumental in the development of this exciting new game show. The partnership between both companies continues to drive success, as we continue to work together to create groundbreaking gaming experiences for players around the world.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Kilminster, Chief Product Innovation Officer at Playtech Live, expressed excitement about the continued partnership with bet365.“We are excited to collaborate with bet365 to launch their bespoke Live game show, Super Mega Ultra to their player base. It is fantastic to see one of our most trusted partners taking the opportunity to continuously build bespoke content and utilise the knowledge and experience that the Playtech Live team has to offer. The debut of the three-tier base live game across two wheels is a new industry standard and reflects our joint dedication to crafting innovative, high-quality, and captivating gaming experiences for players. We look forward to continuing our strong and successful partnership with this world-class operator,” he said.