Date: 14.11.2023

by Maciej Akimow

Last update: 27.11.2023 01:03

Nominees for the 2023 iGaming Sword Awards

Get ready to meet the standouts of the iGaming world! We are excited to unveil the distinguished list of nominees for the 2023 iGaming Excellence Awards. Each nominee has been selected for their exceptional contribution to the industry, showcasing innovation, dedication, and excellence. Join us as we spotlight these industry leaders and prepare to celebrate their remarkable achievements in our upcoming awards digital ceremony.

Nominations for the iGaming Industry’s Finest

In the dynamic world of iGaming, recognizing and celebrating excellence is not just an event, but a mission critical to the industry’s ongoing growth and evolution. This year’s nominations embody our commitment to identifying and honoring the best of the best – those individuals, companies, and organizations that have not only achieved remarkable success but have also actively contributed to shaping the future of the iGaming landscape.

Each nominee stands as a beacon of innovation, leadership, and exemplary performance, having been meticulously selected for their outstanding contributions. These nominations reflect our dedication to supporting excellence in all facets of the industry, from technological advancements and creative marketing strategies to responsible gaming and visionary leadership. As we spotlight these distinguished achievers, we not only celebrate their individual and collective successes but also reinforce our commitment to fostering a thriving, progressive, and responsible iGaming industry for the future.

Company of the Year

In the spotlight for the prestigious “Company of the Year” category, we are proud to announce a lineup of extraordinary nominees, each demonstrating exemplary performance and innovation in the iGaming sector.

  • Soft2Bet: A dynamic force in the industry, Soft2Bet has carved out a reputation for its innovative approach and robust platform solutions. Their commitment to delivering engaging gaming experiences and their ability to adapt to market needs has set them apart as a leader in the field. Soft2Bet, in the iGaming industry, stands as a remarkable example of rapid growth and development, fueled by strong leadership of Uri Poliavich and a clear vision for the future. Since its inception, Soft2Bet has evolved swiftly, marking its presence as a leading operator and provider in the competitive iGaming landscape.
  • Playtech: As a veteran in the industry, Playtech continues to lead with its cutting-edge technology and expansive product portfolio. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and their ability to consistently deliver high-quality, engaging content and platforms have made them a favorite among operators and players alike.
  • Entain: Known for its diverse portfolio and commitment to responsible gaming, Entain has established itself as a powerhouse in the iGaming industry. Their approach to integrating technology with user safety and satisfaction has been instrumental in shaping the future of online gaming. Entain in 2023 showed off some spectuclar M&A’s such as STS and Maxbet which will allow them to grow even faster in the operator market in the CEE zone. In turn, deals such as Angstrom will allow them to better optimise the business
  • GiG (Gaming Innovation Group): A name synonymous with innovation and growth in the iGaming world, GiG has made significant strides with its state-of-the-art platforms and services. Their focus on creating sustainable iGaming experiences has not only earned them accolades but also a loyal following in the industry. The company looks at the industry in a multi-faceted way – they are growing both their service and affiliate part of the business, where they are growing into one of the leaders in this aspect through smart acquisitions of assets such as Ask Gamblers from Catena Media and KaFe Rocks.
  • Softconstruct: SoftConstruct has carved out a distinguished place in the iGaming industry. This recognition comes as a testament to their pioneering spirit and exceptional service offerings. Renowned for their innovative approach, SoftConstruct provides a comprehensive range of gaming and betting solutions, blending advanced technology with intuitive design to cater to both operators and players. Softconstruct’s strength is its vision of development and a real interest in influencing the reality of igaming. Softconstruct’s products form a package that can be used by the company’s customers for their own growth.
  • Digitain: Digitain’s platform excels in offering a comprehensive suite of sports betting and casino solutions, marked by its flexibility, scalability, and ease of integration. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous enhancement of gaming products, tailored to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Each of these nominees has made remarkable contributions to the iGaming sector, setting new benchmarks and driving the industry towards a more innovative and sustainable future. We eagerly anticipate celebrating the winner, who will undoubtedly be a true emblem of excellence in our dynamic industry.

Online Casino Operator of the Year

As we approach the climax of the iGaming Excellence Awards, we are thrilled to present our esteemed nominees for the “Online Casino Operator of the Year.” Each of these operators has redefined the player experience with their innovative approach and dedication to quality.

  • LeoVegas: With its player-centric approach and a vast array of games, LeoVegas stands out for its exceptional user experience and mobile-first strategy. Their commitment to innovation and providing a seamless gaming experience has rightly earned them a spot among the top contenders.
  • Holland Casino: A renowned name in the industry, Holland Casino has successfully transitioned into the online sphere, bringing with it a legacy of trust and quality. Their online platform mirrors the sophistication and variety of their land-based operations, offering players a comprehensive and engaging experience.
  • PokerStars: A giant in the world of online poker, PokerStars has expanded its repertoire to include an impressive selection of casino games. Known for its robust platform and competitive gameplay, PokerStars continues to attract and captivate players globally.
  • FanDuel: Originally one of a leader in sports betting, FanDuel has made significant strides in the online casino sector. Their platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface and diverse gaming options, making it a popular choice among players seeking an integrated betting and casino experience.
  • Apuesta Total: Making waves in the industry, Apuesta Total has quickly become a favorite for its dynamic gaming environment and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their growth and the adaptability to changing market trends have been remarkable, marking them as a rising star in the igaming world.
  • Betano: Known for its innovative features and customer-focused services, Betano has established itself as a strong player in the online market. Their platform, characterized by a wide range of widgets and user-centric design, has garnered a loyal player base and industry recognition.

Each of these operators has demonstrated excellence in the online casino sector, offering unparalleled experiences to players while pushing the boundaries of innovation and service. As we gear up to honor the best in the industry, these nominees stand as a testament to the vibrant and evolving world of online gaming.

Sportsbook Operator of the Year

This year’s iGaming Excellence Awards are set to recognize the standout names in sports betting with the “Global Sportsbook Operator of the Year” category. Each nominee has not only dominated the market but also revolutionized the world of sports betting through innovation and superior service.

  • Bet365: A titan in the global sports betting arena, Bet365 is renowned for its extensive betting options, live streaming services, and user-friendly platform. Their commitment to providing a comprehensive and engaging betting experience has established them as a leader in the industry.
  • Codere: A key player with a significant presence in multiple markets, Codere stands out for its localized approach and wide range of betting options. They have skillfully blended regional preferences with a global vision, offering a tailored and dynamic betting experience to a diverse customer base.
  • 1xBET: Known for its expansive betting markets and competitive odds, 1xBET has rapidly grown into a global sports betting powerhouse. Their platform offers an impressive array of sports, live betting options, and innovative features, catering to a wide spectrum of bettors.
  • Betano: Rising to prominence with its user-centric approach and technological innovation, Betano has made a remarkable impact in the sports betting sector. Their focus on delivering a seamless and engaging betting experience, backed by robust technology and intuitive design, has garnered them a loyal following.

Each nominee has not only excelled in providing top-tier sports betting services but has also contributed to the growth and evolution of the global sports betting landscape. As we draw closer to the awards ceremony, these operators stand as pillars of excellence, each with their own unique impact on the world of sports betting.

CEE Operator of the Year

In the vibrant and competitive Central and Eastern European (CEE) iGaming market, this year’s nominees for the “CEE Operator of the Year” stand out for their exceptional service, innovative offerings, and deep understanding of local markets. Each nominee has made significant contributions to the iGaming industry in the CEE region.

  • Superbet: Known for its robust sports betting platform offerings, Superbet has established a strong presence in the CEE market. Their commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of local preferences, has made them a top choice among regional players. In the competitive arena of Central and Eastern European iGaming, Superbet has emerged as a formidable force, exemplifying remarkable growth, particularly in the Polish market. Nominated for “CEE Operator of the Year,” Superbet has successfully established itself as the second-largest online operator in Poland, showcasing a strategic expansion and deep market penetration. Not long ago, Superbet expanded its operations into Serbia, marking another significant stride in their growth strategy, with plans to enter more local markets in the near future.
  • Mozzartbet: A key player in the CEE region, Mozzartbet excels in providing a comprehensive sports betting and gaming experience. Their focus on customer satisfaction, alongside a wide array of betting options and user-friendly platform, has earned them significant acclaim. Mozzartbet has a keen insight into what local players desire, a fact underscored by their successful expansion and the growing number of operations in CEE countries such as Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, and Croatia
  • Maxbet: With its dynamic online presence and commitment to high-quality gaming experiences, Maxbet has become a household name in the CEE iGaming industry. They have skillfully blended a wide range of games with localized service, catering effectively to the regional audience. The recent merger and acquisition of MaxBet by Entain has set the stage for heightened expectations within the iGaming industry. This strategic move is anticipated to unlock greater synergies with Entain’s broader group, leveraging their extensive resources and expertise. The integration promises to enhance MaxBet’s operational efficiencies, market reach, and overall competitive edge, signaling a new era of growth and innovation for the company
  • Meridianbet: Meridianbet has made a mark in the CEE market with its innovative approach to sports betting and casino gaming. Their platform is renowned for its user engagement, diverse gaming options, and a strong focus on customer experience.
  • Supersport: A leading operator in Croatia, Supersport has excelled in delivering top-tier sports betting experiences. Their dedication to providing an extensive range of betting markets, along with advanced betting features, places them at the forefront of the regional market.
  • Betano: Betano has excelled in offering a diverse and engaging range of gaming options, including sports betting, casino games, and live betting experiences. Their platform is known for its user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology, and reliable customer service, all crucial factors in appealing to the CEE market’s diverse and growing customer base.
  • Fortuna: As one of the established names in the CEE gaming sector, Fortuna is recognized for its comprehensive betting offerings and strong customer focus. Their continued growth and adaptation to market trends have solidified their position as a key player in the region.

These nominees have not only demonstrated excellence in their operations but have also played a pivotal role in shaping the iGaming landscape in Central and Eastern Europe. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and understanding of the unique CEE market dynamics makes them deserving contenders for the CEE Operator of the Year.

Lottery Operator of the Year

This year’s “Lottery Operator of the Year” category shines a spotlight on operators who have not only offered captivating gaming experiences but have also upheld the highest standards of social responsibility and ethical practices. Let’s take a closer look at the esteemed nominees:

  • Svenska Spel: As Sweden’s state-owned lottery, Svenska Spel is lauded for its strong emphasis on responsible gaming and its varied and engaging lottery offerings. They stand out for their dedication to safe gaming practices and significant contributions to community welfare.
  • Totalizator Sportowy: Totalizator Sportowy, over a relatively short period, has exemplified a remarkable transformation from a primarily retail-focused operation to a dominant player in the online sphere, particularly noteworthy within the challenging context of Poland’s sizable grey market. This significant shift was orchestrated under the strong leadership of Olgierd Cieślik, alongside a team of competent board members and dedicated staff. Their strategic vision, combined with a keen understanding of market dynamics, has not only navigated Totalizator Sportowy through the complexities of digital transition but also positioned it as a leading figure in the Polish iGaming market.
  • Nederlandse Loterij: The Netherlands’ premier lottery organization, Nederlandse Loterij, excels in providing a diverse array of lottery games. They are recognized for their commitment to integrity, player protection, and their substantial contributions to sports and charitable causes in the Netherlands.
  • SAZKA: A major player in the European lottery landscape, SAZKA Group has garnered attention for its innovative approach to lottery operations across several countries. Their focus on enhancing player experience while ensuring responsible gaming sets them apart.
  • La Française des Jeux (FDJ): As one of the largest lottery operators in Europe, FDJ stands at the forefront of the industry in France, known for its innovative lottery and gaming solutions and its commitment to funding national causes and promoting responsible gaming.
  • Camelot: Managing the UK National Lottery, Camelot has been instrumental in revolutionizing lottery gaming in the UK. Their approach to digital innovation and dedication to supporting good causes through lottery funds have made a substantial impact on both the industry and society.

These nominees represent the pinnacle of lottery operations, setting standards for responsible gaming, player engagement, and community contribution. Their commitment to excellence not only enhances the player experience but also positively impacts the societies they serve. As we move towards the awards ceremony, these operators stand as distinguished examples of success and integrity in the lottery industry.

Socially Responsible Company of the Year

In an industry where success is often measured in revenue and growth, the “Socially Responsible Company of the Year” category stands out for recognizing organizations that prioritize ethical practices, social responsibility, and sustainable development. This year’s nominees exemplify these values in their operations:

  • Playtech: A titan in the iGaming software industry, Playtech has consistently demonstrated its commitment to responsible gaming. Their approach goes beyond compliance, focusing on proactive measures to ensure player safety, including advanced player protection tools and initiatives in gambling harm prevention.
  • Entain: As one of the leading global sports betting and gaming groups, Entain has set a high standard with its comprehensive approach to responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility. Their initiatives span various areas, including player education, community engagement, and sustainable operations, marking them as a leader in ethical business practices.
  • Clarion Gaming: Recognized in the industry for organizing major gaming events and exhibitions, Clarion Gaming has made a significant impact through its commitment to promoting responsible gaming and inclusivity within the sector. Their efforts in raising awareness and driving industry dialogue on social responsibility issues are commendable.
  • Aspire Global: A powerhouse in providing comprehensive iGaming solutions, Aspire Global has distinguished itself with its focus on sustainability and responsible business conduct. Their dedication to creating a safe and fair gaming environment, along with their initiatives in community development and environmental stewardship, reflects their holistic approach to corporate responsibility.

Each of these nominees has not only achieved business excellence but also paved the way in integrating social responsibility into the core of their operations. Their efforts in championing ethical practices, safeguarding player welfare, and contributing positively to society set them apart as leaders in the iGaming industry. As we approach the awards ceremony, these companies stand as beacons of responsible and sustainable business in the iGaming sector.

Live Casino Supplier of the Year 

The “Live Casino Supplier of the Year” category celebrates those at the forefront of delivering authentic, engaging, and innovative live gaming experiences. This year’s nominees have each contributed significantly to elevating the live casino segment of the iGaming industry.

  • Evolution: A name synonymous with live casino gaming, Evolution has continued to set the gold standard with its exceptional range of live dealer games. Known for their high-quality streams, professional dealers, and immersive gaming environments, Evolution’s offerings consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in live gaming.
  • Pragmatic Play: Pragmatic Play has rapidly risen in the ranks to become a key player in the live casino sector. Their focus on delivering a high-quality, mobile-optimized live gaming experience has garnered them acclaim from players and operators worldwide.
  • CreedRoomz: As an emerging player in the live casino domain, CreedRoomz has made impressive strides with its bespoke live dealer solutions. They bring a fresh perspective to the live casino experience, combining cutting-edge technology with innovative game formats.
  • Playtech: Playtech has long been a dominant force in the iGaming industry, and their live casino offerings are no exception. Their commitment to quality, combined with a diverse portfolio of live games, has positioned them as a top choice for operators and players alike.
  • Betgames: Known for its unique take on live dealer games, Betgames offers an array of unconventional and engaging live gaming options. Their approach to combining traditional betting elements with live gaming has created a niche that appeals to a broad audience.

Each nominee in this category has demonstrated innovation, excellence, and a commitment to providing players with the most engaging and realistic live casino experiences. Their offerings not only entertain but also bring the thrill and social element of a real casino directly to players’ screens. As we move towards celebrating the best in live casino gaming, these suppliers stand as leaders and innovators in the field.

Slots Supplier of the Year

The “Slots Supplier of the Year” category recognizes the creativity, innovation, and excellence of providers who have elevated the online slots experience. This year’s nominees have each made remarkable strides in enhancing gameplay, introducing novel features, and consistently delivering top-quality content.

  • Evoplay: Renowned for their groundbreaking approach to slot game design, Evoplay has captivated players with their visually stunning and immersive games. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their unique themes and engaging mechanics, setting new trends in the slots market.
  • Pragmatic Play: A powerhouse in the iGaming industry, Pragmatic Play is celebrated for its extensive and diverse portfolio of slots. Known for their engaging gameplay and consistent release of high-quality, innovative titles, they have become a favorite among players worldwide.
  • Bragg Gaming: Making significant waves in the industry, Bragg Gaming has earned a reputation for delivering dynamic and entertaining slot games. Their focus on creating engaging player experiences through creative themes and features has distinguished them as a top contender.
  • Wazdan: Wazdan is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest-growing suppliers in the iGaming industry, a testament to their innovative spirit and market agility. Boasting a team that is both highly competent and goal-focused, Wazdan has successfully positioned itself as a formidable player in the competitive iGaming landscape. Their commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences, coupled with a forward-thinking approach to game development, has enabled them to capture the attention of operators and players alike. Wazdan’s rise reflects their dedication to innovation, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the iGaming market
  • Swintt: As an emerging player in the slots market, Swintt has quickly gained attention for its innovative and player-focused slot games. Their commitment to delivering localized content and fresh gaming experiences has set them apart in the competitive slots landscape.
  • Play’n GO: A stalwart in the industry, Play’n GO continues to impress with its high-quality and diverse range of slot games. Their ability to combine captivating storytelling with innovative gameplay mechanics makes them a perennial favorite among slot enthusiasts.
  • Ruby Play: Ruby Play stands as a shining example of revolutionary products and astute business development strategy within the slots providers sector. Their approach is a blend of creative innovation and strategic acumen, setting them apart in a highly competitive market. Demonstrated through numerous successful direct integrations, Ruby Play has effectively shown that ‘impossible is nothing’ when it comes to advancing in the world of slot gaming. Their ability to consistently deliver unique and engaging content, coupled with their smart market maneuvers, not only cements their reputation as industry innovators but also as trailblazers redefining the boundaries of slot game development.

Each of these nominees has not only contributed to the evolution of online slots but has also consistently delighted players with their unique and high-quality offerings. As we prepare to honor the standout slots supplier of the year, these companies stand as exemplary leaders driving innovation and excitement in the world of online slots gaming.

Casino Supplier of the Year

The “Casino Supplier of the Year” award honors the innovators and leaders in providing comprehensive and top-tier casino gaming experiences. This year’s nominees have distinguished themselves through their exceptional game portfolios, technological advancements, and commitment to player satisfaction.

  • Pragmatic Play: A giant in the industry, Pragmatic Play has consistently delivered a diverse range of high-quality casino games. Known for their multi-product portfolio that includes slots, live casino, and bingo, their commitment to innovation and reliability has set them apart as a premier supplier.
  • Evolution: Evolution has solidified its reputation as a leader, particularly in the live casino sector, with its cutting-edge platforms and engaging game content. Their ability to merge advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces makes them a top choice for operators and players alike.
  • Pascal Gaming: Emerging as a dynamic force in the industry, Pascal Gaming has quickly established a reputation for innovative and engaging casino games. Their approach to gaming, which often integrates interactive and immersive elements, showcases a dedication to evolving and enhancing the player experience.
  • Synot: With a strong foothold in the casino gaming market, Synot has impressed with its wide array of captivating and smoothly running slot games. Their dedication to quality and adaptability to market trends has earned them recognition as a top supplier.
  • TVBET: TVBET has made significant strides in the live-game sector, offering innovative and interactive live dealer games. Their unique approach to live casino entertainment sets them apart, providing an engaging experience for players.
  • Spribe: As an up-and-coming name in the industry, Spribe has garnered attention with their fresh and innovative game offerings, including their popular ‘Aviator’ game. Their focus on modern, socially-driven games represents a new wave in online casino gaming.
  • Aviatrix: Bringing a unique blend of gaming and entertainment, Aviatrix has carved out a niche in the casino market with their innovative approach to gaming solutions. Their integration of new technologies and engaging content positions them as a forward-thinking supplier.
  • Smartsoft Gaming: Known for their creative and diverse game portfolio, Smartsoft Gaming has been rapidly growing its presence in the industry. Their commitment to delivering engaging and high-quality games makes them a strong contender in the casino supplier space.

Virtual Games Supplier of the Year

In the rapidly evolving world of virtual gaming, where technology and creativity intersect to create immersive experiences, the nominees for the “Virtual Games Supplier of the Year” have set themselves apart. Each of these suppliers has shown innovation, quality, and an ability to captivate the modern player with their virtual gaming offerings.

  • Betradar: A leader in the sports betting industry, Betradar has excelled in providing high-quality virtual sports experiences. Their realistic simulations and wide range of sports offerings have set a high standard in the virtual gaming market.
  • Pascal Gaming: Making its mark with innovative and engaging virtual gaming solutions, Pascal Gaming has quickly become a name synonymous with immersive and interactive gaming experiences. Their approach to integrating cutting-edge technology and player-centric design has been notable.
  • Golden Race: At the core of Golden Race’s success is their commitment to innovation and quality. Their virtual games, characterized by lifelike graphics and animations, offer players a dynamic and authentic betting experience.
  • Inspired: Known for their diverse range of virtual sports and games, Inspired has been a driving force in the market. Their offerings stand out for their realistic graphics, engaging gameplay, and broad appeal to different player preferences.
  • Digitain: As a versatile gaming platform provider, Digitain has made significant inroads in the virtual games sector. Their product suite, which includes a variety of virtual sports and games, is marked by quality, innovation, and adaptability.
  • Pragmatic Play: Although traditionally known for their casino games, Pragmatic Play has expanded their portfolio to include virtual sports, delivering the same high-quality gaming experience they are known for. Their foray into virtual gaming has been marked by creative and engaging offerings.

Each of these nominees has contributed significantly to the field of virtual gaming, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and providing players with thrilling and engaging gaming experiences. From hyper-realistic sports simulations to innovative game formats, these suppliers are shaping the future of virtual gaming. As we gear up to recognize the best in the industry, these companies stand as leaders in the exciting and ever-evolving world of virtual games.

Platform Supplier of the Year

The “Platform Supplier of the Year” category is reserved for those who have redefined the foundation of iGaming operations with innovative, robust, and scalable platforms. This year’s nominees have distinguished themselves through their exceptional technology, comprehensive solutions, and commitment to advancing the iGaming industry.

  • Delasport: Known for their cutting-edge sports betting and casino solutions, Delasport has made a significant impact on the iGaming market. Their platform is celebrated for its flexibility, advanced features, and ability to provide a seamless and integrated gaming experience.
  • Playtech: As one of the giants in the iGaming software industry, Playtech continues to lead with its comprehensive platform solutions. Their technology is a blend of innovation and reliability, offering operators a vast array of tools and features for efficient and effective gaming operations.
  • NSoft: Specializing in software solutions for the iGaming industry, NSoft has carved out a niche with its user-friendly and versatile platform. Their focus on data-driven and tailored solutions has made them a popular choice among operators looking for a competitive edge.
  • Pragmatic Play: Although widely recognized for their content, Pragmatic Play has also made waves with their platform technology. Offering a one-stop solution for casino operations, their platform is designed for efficiency, scalability, and player engagement.
  • EveryMatrix: A powerhouse in providing software solutions, EveryMatrix’s platform stands out for its integration capabilities, comprehensive suite of services, and commitment to staying ahead of market trends. Their platform is a testament to their innovation and expertise in the iGaming industry.
  • SoftSwiss: Known for its state-of-the-art technology, SoftSwiss offers a seamless, secure, and scalable solution that caters to the diverse needs of operators and players alike. Their platform stands out for its comprehensive integration capabilities, supporting a wide range of games, payment systems, and advanced back-office tools.

These nominees have each played a pivotal role in elevating the iGaming experience through their state-of-the-art platform solutions. Their technologies not only empower operators but also enhance the overall user experience, setting new standards in the industry. As we prepare to recognize the standout platform supplier of the year, these companies are acknowledged as the architects behind some of the most successful iGaming operations.

Turnkey Supplier of the Year

The “Turnkey Supplier of the Year” category celebrates those who have mastered the art of providing comprehensive, end-to-end solutions in the iGaming industry. These nominees have excelled in delivering turnkey solutions that encapsulate every aspect of online gaming operations, from game content to platform services and beyond.

  • Soft2Bet: Recognized for their diverse and multifaceted platform, Soft2Bet has made a significant mark in the industry with their turnkey solutions. They offer a rich portfolio of games and a wide array of operational services, tailored to meet the unique needs of operators in various markets.
  • Sbbetting: Sbbetting has established itself as a reliable provider of turnkey solutions from Poland, known for their robust sports betting and gaming platforms. Their commitment to delivering a full suite of services, including advanced backend management tools, sets them apart.
  • Uplatform: Uplatform stands out as a collective of true specialists in the iGaming niche, consistently showcasing their enthusiasm and extensive technological expertise. Each day, their team brings a deep understanding of the iGaming industry to the table, translating this knowledge into successful, innovative solutions. Their approach combines a passion for gaming with a commitment to cutting-edge technology, resulting in products and services that resonate with both operators and players. Uplatform’s ability to create effective and adaptable solutions is a reflection of their team’s dedication and skill, positioning them as a force to be reckoned with in the iGaming landscape
  • Pronet: With a strong focus on integrating cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces, Pronet has carved out a significant presence in the turnkey solution market. They offer a complete range of services, including payment solutions and customer support, catering to the holistic needs of iGaming businesses.
  • BetConstruct: A heavyweight in the industry, BetConstruct is known for their extensive and scalable turnkey solutions. Their all-encompassing approach, which includes a vast array of gaming and betting products, alongside powerful backend support, makes them a go-to provider for many operators.
  • Digitain: Digitain’s offering encompasses a wide array of products, including a robust sports betting platform, a diverse range of casino games, payment gateway integrations, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and a user-friendly back-office system. Their solution is designed to be highly adaptable and customizable, ensuring that it meets the specific requirements of different markets and regulatory environments.

These nominees represent the pinnacle of turnkey service in the iGaming industry, providing operators with the full array of tools and services needed to run a successful and efficient online gaming operation. Their dedication to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence makes them stand out as leaders in the turnkey solution space. As we approach the award ceremony, these companies are recognized for their exceptional contributions to simplifying and enhancing the iGaming ecosystem.

Marketing Campaign of the Year

The “Marketing Campaign of the Year” category is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in the world of iGaming marketing. This year’s nominees have set themselves apart with campaigns that not only captured attention but also significantly impacted brand presence and market growth.

  • BetMGM: With their dynamic and engaging marketing campaigns, BetMGM has significantly bolstered its brand presence in the iGaming industry. Their campaigns are known for their innovative approach, seamlessly integrating digital platforms and creating memorable experiences that resonate with a broad audience.
  • Soft2Bet: Soft2Bet’s marketing initiatives have been remarkable in terms of creativity and audience engagement. Their campaigns are a blend of strategic marketing techniques, compelling storytelling, and unique brand positioning, which have effectively enhanced their market visibility and player base.
  • Betsson Group: Known for their robust marketing strategies, Betsson Group’s campaigns stand out for their comprehensive approach and global reach. Their ability to effectively communicate brand values while engaging with diverse audiences across different markets has set a high benchmark in iGaming marketing.
  • 1xBET: 1xBET’s marketing efforts have been noteworthy for their global appeal and innovative content. Their campaigns often incorporate a mix of traditional and digital media, leveraging various platforms to maximize reach and engagement. Their creative approach in marketing has significantly contributed to their brand’s growth and recognition.

Each of these campaigns represents the pinnacle of marketing excellence in the iGaming sector. They demonstrate not just creative flair but also a deep understanding of market dynamics, player psychology, and the effective use of various channels and technologies. These nominees have not only achieved success in terms of player acquisition and brand enhancement but also set new standards for impactful and innovative iGaming marketing.

Affiliate Program of the Year

The “Affiliate Program of the Year” award highlights exceptional affiliate programs in the iGaming industry that have demonstrated excellence in partnership, innovation, and strategic growth. This year’s nominees have excelled in creating mutually beneficial relationships with their affiliates, ensuring sustainable success and widespread brand recognition.

  • Bet365: Bet365’s affiliate program is renowned for its reliability, comprehensive support, and competitive commission structures. They have built a strong reputation for maintaining transparent and long-lasting relationships with their affiliates, contributing significantly to their expansive global reach.
  • 1xBet: Known for its dynamic and expansive affiliate program, 1xBet offers a wide range of marketing tools and resources to help affiliates maximize their earning potential. Their program stands out for its flexibility, attractive commission plans, and commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • LeoVegas: LeoVegas has developed a robust affiliate program that emphasizes not only profitable partnerships but also responsible gaming. Their dedication to providing affiliates with detailed analytics, timely payments, and personalized support has made their program a model of success in the industry.
  • Betsson Group: The Betsson Group’s affiliate program is a testament to their longstanding expertise in the iGaming sector. Known for its integrity, comprehensive support, and innovative approach to affiliate marketing, their program has been instrumental in building strong, collaborative relationships with a wide network of affiliates.

Each of these programs has set a high standard for affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry. Through strategic collaboration, innovative marketing practices, and an unwavering commitment to their partners, these nominees have not only driven business growth but also fostered a supportive and transparent affiliate community. As we recognize the best in the industry, these affiliate programs are celebrated for their outstanding contributions to the iGaming ecosystem and their role in shaping the future of affiliate marketing.

Sports Data Supplier of the Year

In an industry where accurate, comprehensive, and timely sports data is crucial, the “Sports Data Supplier of the Year” award recognizes those who have excelled in enhancing the sports betting experience. This year’s nominees stand out for their exceptional data quality, innovation, and service in the sports betting sector.

  • FeedConstruct: FeedConstruct has made a significant impact in the sports data field with its vast array of data services and solutions. Their commitment to providing real-time, accurate sports data, coupled with advanced analytics and support, makes them a crucial player in the sports betting industry.
  • Genius Sports: Known for their comprehensive sports data offerings, Genius Sports is one of the leader in the field, supplying data that powers some of the world’s largest sports betting brands. Their innovative approach to data collection and analysis has made them a go-to source for reliable and actionable sports data.
  • Sportradar: A global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data, Sportradar provides cutting-edge solutions that drive the sports betting world. Their expertise in delivering detailed, fast, and reliable sports data has set the industry standard and continues to shape the future of sports betting.
  • Statscore: They understand the nuances of different sports and tailor their data solutions to meet the specific needs of each segment. Their innovative approach to data visualization and analytics enables clients to engage audiences more effectively and make informed decisions.

Each of these nominees has a proven track record of providing top-tier sports data, underpinning the success of sports betting operations worldwide. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and reliability has not only earned them the trust of their clients but also contributed significantly to advancing the sports betting industry. As we prepare to honor the best in sports data provision, these companies are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field, setting new benchmarks for excellence in sports data services.

E-sport Data Supplier of the Year

The “E-sport Data Supplier of the Year” category recognizes the best in the realm of e-sports data provision, where accuracy, depth, and real-time analytics are paramount. This year’s nominees have distinguished themselves as leaders in offering comprehensive and cutting-edge e-sports data services.

  • Odin GG: Odin GG has rapidly established itself as a frontrunner in the e-sports data arena. Their innovative approach to data collection and analysis in e-sports has been groundbreaking. They offer a wide range of services, including real-time data feeds, detailed match statistics, and player performance analytics, making them invaluable to e-sports betting and analysis.
  • Data Bet: As a specialized e-sports data provider, Data Bet has made significant strides in offering precise and extensive data solutions. Their focus on harnessing the power of e-sports data has enabled them to provide clients with deep insights and analytics that are critical for informed decision-making in the fast-paced world of e-sports betting.
  • PandaScore: PandaScore stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive and real-time data solutions in the fast-paced world of e-sports. Their dedication to leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies has positioned them as a key innovator in the e-sports data industry.

Both Odin GG and Data Bet have demonstrated a remarkable ability to capture the dynamic and detailed world of e-sports through their data services. Their contributions have been essential in elevating the e-sports betting experience, providing stakeholders with the tools and insights needed to succeed in this rapidly growing field. As the e-sports industry continues to expand, these companies stand out for their innovative solutions and commitment to delivering the highest quality e-sports data.

iGaming Event of the Year

The “iGaming Event of the Year” award recognizes standout events in the global iGaming calendar that have made significant contributions to the industry through networking, innovation, and knowledge sharing. This year’s nominees have each hosted events that have not only provided platforms for business growth but also sparked important conversations and set future trends.

  • SiGMA Malta: Renowned for its comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the iGaming industry, SiGMA Malta has become a key event for professionals worldwide. Its combination of exhibitions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities makes it an essential destination for industry insights and collaborations.
  • G2E (Global Gaming Expo): As one of the largest gaming events in the world, G2E is a hub for gaming professionals to explore the latest trends, technologies, and products. This event has been instrumental in shaping the future of gaming, offering a blend of educational content and commercial opportunities.
  • SBC Miami: Focusing on the Latam American betting and iGaming market, SBC Miami has become a crucial meeting point for industry leaders in this rapidly growing sector. The event’s targeted workshops, exhibitions, and networking opportunities provide unique insights into the American market landscape.
  • ICE London: ICE London is one of the most comprehensive and influential B2B gaming events, attracting international professionals from all sectors of iGaming. Known for its diverse range of exhibitors and thought leadership panels, it’s a trendsetting event that drives innovation in the industry.
  • iGaming Next Malta: iGaming Next Malta has quickly made its mark with a fresh and innovative approach to industry conventions. This event is known for its engaging format, high-quality content, and ability to attract some of the industry’s most influential thought leaders.

Each of these events has played a pivotal role in the iGaming industry, providing platforms for innovation, learning, and networking. Their impact extends beyond the days of the events themselves, influencing the industry’s trajectory and offering valuable insights and connections that drive the sector forward. As we celebrate the best in iGaming events, these nominees stand out for their exceptional contributions to the global iGaming community.

Association of the Year

The “Association of the Year” category celebrates organizations that have significantly contributed to the growth, regulation, and ethical advancement of the iGaming industry. This year’s nominees have played pivotal roles in representing, supporting, and shaping the future of gaming and betting globally.

  • EGBA (European Gaming and Betting Association): As a leading industry body, EGBA has been instrumental in advocating for fair competition and regulation within the European iGaming market. Their commitment to promoting responsible gaming, along with their efforts in influencing policy and standards, has made a substantial impact on the industry’s development.
  • World Lottery Association (WLA): The WLA has long been a standard-bearer in the global lottery sector, emphasizing integrity, social responsibility, and the advancement of state-authorized lotteries. Their work in setting ethical guidelines and promoting sustainable practices has been crucial for the lottery industry’s reputation and success.
  • European Lotteries Association: Focusing on the European lottery landscape, this association has been a key advocate for responsible gaming and the protection of state lotteries. Their efforts in promoting best practices and collaborative initiatives have greatly benefited members and the broader community.
  • American Gaming Association (AGA): The AGA has been a major voice in the American gaming industry, championing the economic and social value of the gaming sector. Through advocacy, research, and public education, they have effectively navigated regulatory challenges and fostered industry growth.
  • Betting & Gaming Council (BGC): As a UK-based association, the BGC has been at the forefront of promoting higher industry standards and responsible gaming. Their proactive approach in addressing industry challenges and engaging with stakeholders has been vital in shaping a safe and thriving betting and gaming environment.

Each of these associations has shown exemplary dedication to advancing the iGaming industry, whether through advocacy, regulation, or ethical practices. Their efforts in ensuring a fair, responsible, and sustainable gaming environment have not only benefited their members but also set a precedent for the industry worldwide. As we recognize the standout association of the year, these nominees are celebrated for their influential role in steering the iGaming sector towards continued progress and integrity.

Most Engaged Woman of the Year

The “Most Engaged Woman of the Year” award recognizes outstanding female leaders in the iGaming industry who have demonstrated exceptional engagement, innovation, and influence. This year’s nominees are distinguished by their contributions to the industry, inspiring leadership, and commitment to driving progress.

  • Denise Coates: As the co-founder and CEO of Bet365, Denise Coates is one of the most influential figures in the world of online betting. Her visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled Bet365 to global success. Coates’s engagement in the industry extends beyond her business achievements; she is known for her philanthropy and efforts in promoting responsible gambling.
  • Jette Nygaard-Andersen: As the CEO of Entain, Jette Nygaard-Andersen is a prominent leader in the sector, steering one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups. Her focus on sustainable and responsible growth, alongside championing diversity and inclusion within the industry, highlights her impactful engagement.
  • Amy Howe: Known for her dynamic leadership as the CEO of FanDuel, Amy Howe has played a significant role in the company’s expansion and success, particularly in the competitive U.S. market. Her strategic approach and commitment to enhancing customer experiences have been key drivers in FanDuel’s growth and industry prominence.

These nominees represent the pinnacle of female leadership in the iGaming industry. Each, in her unique way, has not only propelled her company to new heights but also contributed significantly to the industry’s evolution. Their dedication, leadership, and engagement serve as an inspiration, paving the way for future generations of women in iGaming. As we celebrate their achievements, these women stand as exemplary models of success, influence, and engagement in the industry.

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