Date: 30.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:43

NuxGame Launches Multi-Brand Management for Streamlined Casino Operations

NuxGame, an established provider in betting and gaming software, has revealed a significant enhancement to its portfolio—the Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature.

This development is a direct response to the intricacies involved in managing numerous casino interfaces.

A Unified Interface for Multiple Brands

The new feature introduces a unified management solution that allows casino operators to manage all their sub-brands from a singular interface, greatly simplifying the oversight process and ensuring a more cohesive operation.

The upgrade not only streamlines the management process but also improves team workflows through role-based access controls. These controls ensure that stakeholders can perform precise operations, enhancing efficiency while maintaining high security standards.

Data-Driven Insights for Growth

NuxGame’s software upgrade includes advanced features for Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) tracking, offering both collective and individual sub-brand analytics. This dual insight capability provides operators with the necessary data to drive strategic decisions and gain a comprehensive view of their brand’s performance.

Operators can now ensure brand uniformity across sub-brands while also having the flexibility to tailor each to specific market requirements, balancing global branding with local market agility.

Continuous Growth and Gamification

Following the innovative PVP Battles feature, the Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature is the latest in a series of strategic additions aimed at enhancing NuxGame’s platform offerings.

Denis Kosinsky, COO at NuxGame, emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, stating “We are constantly innovating to improve our product output and maximise efficiency, helping operators focus on what matters most.

“Our new Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature eliminates the need for multiple management systems, streamlining operations and empowering our discerning customers to excel across all sectors of the industry.”

Our Comment on the Article

The introduction of the Multi-Brand Platform Management Feature by NuxGame represents a significant stride forward in the technology solutions available to casino operators.

By providing a more efficient, secure, and data-centric management system, NuxGame is positioning its clients to excel in a highly competitive industry, underlining its role as a catalyst for operational advancement in iGaming.