Date: 16.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

NuxGame Revolutionizes iGaming Payments with Cryptocurrency Integration and New Payment Methods

NuxGame, a seasoned betting and software provider, has significantly upgraded its platform by introducing a cryptocurrency purchasing feature.

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This enhancement caters to the growing demand among crypto casino enthusiasts, streamlining the transaction process and potentially increasing retention rates for operators. The move demonstrates NuxGame’s commitment to embracing the evolving trends in the digital payment landscape.

Collaboration with Leading Payment Providers

In a strategic move to expand its payment offerings, NuxGame has integrated with prominent payment providers, including PagSmile, ApcoPay, and Payment IQ. This expansion grants its partners access to a wider range of payment solutions, enhancing the overall user experience and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Suite of Payment Solutions

NuxGame has broadened its payment solutions to include a variety of methods catering to local and international requirements. The extended offerings encompass Internet Banking, Bank Transfers, eWallets, and Prepaid vouchers, effectively covering popular payment methods across key markets such as Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Addition of Global Payment Processors

The update includes the addition of globally recognized payment processors like Neosurf, Skrill, and Neteller, alongside advanced digital-first methods for cryptocurrencies such as BinancePay. This move not only diversifies the platform’s payment portfolio but also aligns with the increasing shift towards digital and cryptocurrency payments in the iGaming industry.

Streamlining Operations with Wallet Integrations

NuxGame has fortified its position in the cryptocurrency iGaming solutions space by integrating wallets like Metamask, Aptos, and Phantom. These integrations ensure a more efficient and streamlined process for operators, highlighting NuxGame’s innovative approach to payment processing in the iGaming sector.

COO’s Perspective on the Upgrades

Denis Kosinsky, Chief Operating Officer at NuxGame, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced payment process technology: “As a leading solutions provider to the iGaming industry, we are always looking to harness the ever-evolving payment process technology and empower our clients with the tools to seamlessly cater to audiences worldwide.” – said Kosinsky.

Our Comment on the Article

NuxGame’s introduction of a cryptocurrency purchasing feature and the integration of various new payment methods mark a significant stride in modernizing the iGaming payment landscape. By accommodating the growing preference for cryptocurrency transactions and diversifying payment options, NuxGame is not only enhancing the user experience but also positioning itself as a forward-thinking player in the industry.

These upgrades reflect an understanding of the evolving payment preferences in the iGaming sector and demonstrate NuxGame’s commitment to providing comprehensive and adaptable payment solutions for its partners and players across different regions.

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