Date: 24.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

NYCPG Launches New Support Program to Enhance Voluntary Self-Exclusion in New York

The New York Council on Problem Gambling (NYCPG) is introducing a significant initiative to support individuals with gambling problems through a new Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) Support Program.

This free program aims to facilitate access to resources for those seeking to self-exclude from gambling activities in New York State, including sports wagering. This move is a proactive step in addressing problem gambling by making it easier for individuals to take control of their gambling behaviors.

Simplifying the VSE Process

The VSE Support Program is designed to streamline the self-exclusion process. An innovative aspect of this program is the introduction of online notary services, enabling individuals to complete the VSE process remotely. This not only simplifies the procedure but also connects individuals with knowledgeable NYCPG staff members who can assist and guide them through the process. This approach reflects NYCPG’s commitment to providing care and support to those in need.

James Maney, the executive director of NYCPG, emphasized the organization’s dedication to assisting those seeking help, highlighting that the new program is a reflection of this commitment. Similarly, Robert Williams, executive director of the New York State Gaming Commission, reaffirmed the commission’s commitment to responsible gaming operations and sensitivity towards those needing help. These endorsements underline a collaborative effort between various entities to support responsible gambling practices.

The Role of OASAS

The NYCPG operates as an independent, not-for-profit corporation funded by the Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS). According to OASAS’ 2020 Problem Gambling Prevalence Survey, a significant percentage of adults in New York are at risk of developing gambling problems. OASAS Commissioner Chinazo Cunningham highlighted the comprehensive system of services offered by OASAS for addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery, including problem gambling. The new VSE Support Program not only aids in self-exclusion but also provides a pathway to connect individuals with local problem gambling community support services.

Our Comment on the Article

The NYCPG’s launch of the VSE Support Program is a commendable step in tackling problem gambling in New York. By simplifying the self-exclusion process and providing direct support to individuals, the program addresses a critical need in the community.

This initiative aligns with the broader efforts of OASAS and the New York State Gaming Commission to promote responsible gambling and provide support to those affected by gambling disorders. It’s a valuable addition to the state’s resources in combating gambling-related harm and reflects a comprehensive approach to prevention and recovery.